Content Amplification

Content Amplification for Fintech

We help you get in front of the right eyes at the right time with a tailored amplification strategy that takes your targets’ preferences & behaviors into account. We uncover where you audience spends time doing research. We meet them there with high-quality content that answers their questions, addresses their concerns, and lights the path to the best solution to ease their pain points (you!).

Social Media

Cut through the digital noise and amplify your content with a paid social distribution strategy. We create and manage effective paid social campaigns to maximize your content marketing ROI. 

We can also help manage your existing social communities and accounts, whether on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or another channel. 

Email Marketing

Develop enewsletters, targeted email campaigns, or drip sequences to amplify your messaging to a larger audience. Effective marketing campaigns that leverage email drive more engagement and generate more leads than marketing programs that don’t.

Take advantage of the opportunity to share your valuable content with prospects and to help educate them as they move through the buyer’s journey.


Guest Post Placement

We leverage our relationships with editors at industry-leading publications to secure guest post placements for our clients. If you’re looking to expand your reach beyond your website and demonstrate thought leadership to a larger audience, guest post placement is an excellent content amplification strategy. 

We work with you to create an outreach plan and secure editorials in the industry publications your audience reads most. 

Differentiation is more important than ever in fintech and the wider financial services sector. Many organization choose to partner with a specialized financial services creative agency to bolster visibility and generate demand. The benefit of working with a specialized agency like Content Rewired is that we have years of experience transforming heavy, complex, and sometimes dry financial information into engaging, actionable insights. 

A great financial services creative agency acts as a beacon, guiding clients on how to convey their message effectively and creatively. Our core services include: 

Content Strategy: Crafting a detailed, strategic plan to effectively communicate with the target audience, tailored for your specific niche.

Content Creation: Developing high-quality articles, infographics, e-books, and more, which are not only engaging but also resonate with the specific requirements and nuances of the finance world.

Content Amplification: Using tools and techniques to ensure that the content reaches the right eyes and ears, maximizing its impact.

Social Media Management: Ensuring an ‘always-on’ presence on social platforms, optimizing engagement, and driving meaningful interactions with the audience.

Email Marketing: Packaging relevant updates and insights into newsletters to engage subscribers and drive action.

The overarching goal? To craft narratives that don’t just inform but also inspire, educate, and prompt engagement.

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their target audience, and the financial services sector is no exception. A financial services creative agency might offer one or several of the social media services below: 

Strategy Development: Develop an audience-centric plan centered around core messaging and the brand voice. This plan uses the right channels and platforms to convey relevant information. 

Content Creation: Crafting engaging posts, stories, tweets, and more, tailored for each specific social platform.

Engagement Analysis: Keeping an eye on how the content is received. Which posts are generating buzz? What’s the engagement rate? Metrics are analyzied through a feedback loop that informs future strategy. 

Customer Interaction: A key component of social media is interaction. Agencies ensure prompt responses to queries, comments, and messages, nurturing a two-way communication channel.

Performance Reporting: Regular reports detailing engagement metrics, growth rates, and other KPIs are provided, ensuring complete transparency.

With the expertise of a financial services creative agency like Content Rewired, social media becomes more than just a platform; it becomes a strategic asset.

Email remains one of the most effective forms of digital communication. Email is an especially powerful tool within content marketing strategy for financial services. 

As a financial services creative agency, Content Rewired strategically leverages email to target the right audience at the right time with the right information to inspire action.  

Here’s how email marketing amplifies content:

Direct Engagement: Unlike social media algorithms that may or may not display your content to your audience, emails ensure that your content reaches those who have shown interest in your brand.

Segmented Outreach: Emails can be curated for specific segments of your audience, ensuring the right message reaches the right people.

Consistent Touchpoints: Regular newsletters or updates ensure your brand stays top-of-mind for subscribers.

CTAs and Direct Actions: Emails allow for clear calls-to-action, be it reading a newly published article, signing up for a webinar, or making a purchase.

Feedback Loop: With tools tracking open rates, click-through rates, and more, email offers insights that can be used to refine content strategies further.

The right financial services creative agency understands how to use email marketing acts as a catalyst. This tool can be used to elevate content from trees falling in a person-less forest to actionable assets that generate demand.