Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy for Fintech

We use a data-driven approach to content marketing. You tell us your goals and we reverse engineer the best strategy based on our expertise in getting results. We use analytics, market research, and our scientific discovery process to craft a roadmap for the fastest path to results. Our endgame: to put high-quality, relevant content in front of the right eyes at the right time.

Audience Personas

Businesses must be focused and deliberate in content development and that requires a deep understanding of the people who will be consuming the content. The idea is “tell, don’t sell” and to “tell” effectively, you need to understand what appeals to your audience.

We help you gain insight into prospective customers and influencers via audience personas. We leverage market research, your data, and our expertise to build personas that act as the foundation for an effective content marketing strategy. We use audience personas to help you craft compelling, engaging content tailored to their needs. 

Competitive Research

You want to stand out. You want to be a thought leader. Problem is, the space is crowded with lots of shouting voices. We help you separate from the herd and create an impactful content marketing strategy by analyzing the content created in your market.

We look at what your competitors are publishing—and where they’re publishing—to ensure that you’re creating differentiated content that packs a punch. Our competitive content analysis helps you gain an edge with your content marketing strategy by leveraging your competitors’ insights to stand out.

Content Planning

Creating a content marketing strategy requires significant planning. It demands an entire team behind it. And we know a lot of people don’t have an entire content marketing strategy team to dedicate to content planning, so we take that off your plate. We’ll build out your content calendar with an optimized mix of content topics, types, and media to create an impact.

Maintaining a content calendar takes dedication and effort (and some creativity!). We offer all three so you can continue to produce high-quality content at a regular cadence and meet your marketing objectives.