How to Adapt Fintech Marketing to Survive & Thrive During a Recession

Fintechs and payments companies that go into "marketing prepper" mode are poised to come out stronger than those who fold their marketing cards during a recession.

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Harvard Business Review points out that haphazard marketing cost cutting during a recession is a mistake. Yes, a recession may signal less spending, postponed investments, and more stringent priorities. BUT the inability to support your brand and business and cater to evolving customer needs can cause long-term damage. 

Managing marketing costs will be a priority, but there is a right way to do this. Fintech and payment companies must be nimble and vigilant in adapting marketing strategies to fit the times. Demand will shift, and marketing must shift, too. 

That’s the tough part. How do you shift?

While we don’t have all the answers, we do have some guidance to help you navigate this tricky new territory. 

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B2B Fintech Lead Generation & Marketing During a Recession

Prioritizing, managing marketing investments, and adapting strategies to meet shifting customer demand is essential during a recession. However, without the right guidance, resources, and execution, most companies are spinning their wheels. Creating an effective recession marketing strategy requires a strategy built on data and experience.

Our B2B Fintech Lead Generation & Marketing During a Recession guide provides 20 pages of key information about strategy, execution and promotion during a recession. Fill out the form on the right to get in-depth expertise and guidance on:

  • Understanding Recession Psychology
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  • Boosting Lead Generation During a Recession
  • Repurposing Content to Cut Costs
  • Using Thought Leadership to Generate Qualified Leads


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