The Fintech Customer Acquisition Playbook

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The playbook includes 35 pages of: 

  • Insights on how to build an effective customer acquisition plan
  • Specific tactics and strategies to use content marketing and storytelling to acquire customers
  • SEM best practices
  • Email marketing tips to boost customer acquisition
  • Ways to minimize CAC
  • BONUS! Get 11 pages of optimization best practices that will take your fintech customer acquisition efforts to the next level!

B2B Fintechs face an uphill battle in acquiring new customers. Not only are they competing with incumbents, but they don’t enjoy the inherent trust that established entities have with customers. Fintech customer acquisition is a three-fold problem: 

1. Fintech startups have not yet established brand recognition (Credibility)

2. It’s hard to convince potential buyers to adopt an unfamiliar or unpredictable product/solution (Trust)

3. Innovative solutions require buyer education – sometimes your prospects have been settling for a workaround or poor substitute for so long that they don’t realize an alternative is possible (Education)

Content marketing and storytelling have been proven to help new entrants improve and scale fintech customer acquisition efforts. When used in tandem with search engine marketing, email marketing, and other proven tactics, content marketing can turn your fintech into a demand generation powerhouse. 


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