AI Marketing Manager

AI Marketing Manager for Fintech

The marketing landscape has changed and we’re here to help you adapt. Leveraging the power of AI can help uplevel efficiency and productivity — when used correctly. Our team is well-versed in AI tools and can help empower your marketing at a lower cost. If you need marketing support, including content creation, strategic campaign guidance, and project management, we can help. We have deep experience using AI tools to efficiently strategize, create high-quality content, and keep your projects on time and on budget. The end result? You can access a full-fledged marketing “team” for a fraction of the cost. 

AI Content Creation for Fintech

We’ll use your team’s insights, audience personas, and relevant information in tandem with AI tools to consistently create high-quality content at a fraction of the cost. We come with a deep understanding of the people who will be consuming the content and the experience needed to harness the power of AI. 

We leverage market research, your data, and our expertise to work in tandem with AI to produce exceptional content. Whether you need to craft industry-leading thought pieces or SEO content, we can help you produce it all to achieve your desired results.  

AI-Driven Marketing Strategy for Fintech

We lean into our industry experience while employing AI to create a tailored fintech marketing strategy that fits your organization. We rely on a data-driven approach. You tell us your goals and we reverse engineer the best strategy based on our expertise in getting results. We partner with AI tools while pulling from analytics, market research, and our scientific discovery process to craft a roadmap for the fastest path to results. 

AI Marketing Project Management for Fintech

Project management requires cross-functional collaboration and the ability to lasso a lot of moving pieces. We act as a human liason to leverage AI’s most powerful features to keep you organized, on task, on time, and on budget. We partner with AI to help you move projects along — from synthesizing information, creating agendas and follow-up tasks, summarizing key themes, collecting insights and gleaning action items to generating both high-level and granular to-do lists.