Custom Content Marketing for Fintech & B2B

Content Rewired specializes in the strategy and execution of custom content marketing programs for Payments, FinTech, and other B2B companies.  As a custom content and digital marketing shop, we excel in creating industry-tailored white papers, articles and thought leadership for payments companies as well as digital marketing and distribution strategy and support. We help payments companies kick off their custom content marketing programs and streamline digital marketing operations via:

  • Strategy for Custom Content Marketing Programs
  • Custom White Papers, Articles and Thought Leadership
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • SEO-friendly Web Page Copy
  • Overall ROI-Driven Marketing Strategy
  • E-newsletter and Email Marketing & Nurture Sequences

Good Storytelling Leads to Great Sales

Our methodology is straightforward and simple: we look at your business objectives and use data and analytics to reverse engineer custom content marketing programs for your company. Crafting the right message is important, but getting an audience to take action is critical. We help you do both so you can focus on running your business.

How Content Rewired Can Help

Content Rewired creates custom content marketing programs to help B2B organizations build and enhance relationships with their target audience online. It’s a way to add value by being helpful, providing answers, and stimulating discussion around common pain points and questions prospects and other audience segments have. We help companies produce informative, educational content that addresses what your prospective customers want to know. We help clients use content to create a memorable experience that can have just as positive of an impact as a face-to-face engagement.

You can read about Ashley Poynter, Founder of Content Rewired, here.