freelancer vs. agency

Freelancer vs. Agency: Who Should Do Your Content Marketing?

The freelancer vs. agency conundrum is not new. If you’re a business that wants to get started with content marketing, you have several options: You can leverage your in-house marketing department to start creating content You can hire a freelancers to start creating content, or You can hire a niche content marketing agency to start[…]

Fintech Marketing Plan

[Infographic] Building a Fintech Marketing Plan Via the Art of Lead Generation

An actionable fintech marketing plan is essential for startups who are increasingly under pressure to drive new leads and grow business. Adding to that pressure is the fact that competition is heating up. Established players and startups in the fintech space are battling for the limelight but both are also competing against the incumbent traditional banks and financial[…]

effective growth hacks

[Infographic] Need an Effective Growth Hack for Fintech Content Marketing?

As a nascent industry, many fintechs are looking for an effective growth hack or two to stir the pot. The fintech industry faces unique challenges when it comes to marketing products and services. In addition to abiding by regulations, fintechs also face hurdles in effectively building trust in the marketplace. More and more companies are[…]

fintech content hub

How to Build a Fintech Content Hub (With Examples & Tips!)

Fact: Companies are digging their heels in when it comes to content marketing: Why the surge in content marketing? Because it’s a tried and true way to increase brand awareness, build trust, and develop authority. Which is also what makes it a perfect strategy for the fintech industry. We previously talked about how great content[…]

fintech growth hacks

3 Fintech Growth Hacks Using Content Marketing

Fintech companies are increasingly relying on content marketing as a manner of growing brand awareness, bridging knowledge gaps, and generating leads. Since an inherent outcome of effective content marketing is trust-building, it’s become a critical strategy for smart marketers within fintech companies. Another good reason many fintech (and other) organizations are turning to content marketing?[…]

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation: 5 Tips To Build New Business

  LinkedIn is a popular tool for business social media marketing. B2B marketers routinely leverage this platform for digital marketing efforts, as the stats show:   79% of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as an effective medium for generating leads 92% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn over all other social media platforms 80% of B2B leads come[…]

data-driven content marketing

How to Develop a Data-Driven Content Marketing Strategy

It’s fascinating how often advertising and marketing professionals (and content marketers) are referred to as “creatives.” It’s no doubt that content marketers need to have a creative side to craft engaging content. But engaging content is not the only ingredient for an effective content marketing program. A data-driven content marketing strategy can yield high-impact results.[…]