Transforming a Fintech Trade Show into Brand Content

Every fintech trade show is an excellent opportunity for fintechs to showcase their innovations, network with industry leaders, and absorb the latest trends. And you probably think once the trade show wraps up, it’s just a blur of handshakes, business cards, and swag bags, right? 

Well, yes and no. While the buzz of the event might fade, the content you gathered and generated during those action-packed days holds immense potential to fuel your marketing engine long after the booths are dismantled and the exhibit hall emptied.

If you don’t realize that the potential of fintech conference content extends far beyond the event itself, you’re missing out. 

By repurposing and strategically leveraging this content, fintech organizations can fuel their content marketing engines, ensuring their trade show investments continue to pay dividends long after the curtains close.

The Value of Fintech Trade Show Content

The content curated and experienced at trade shows is a substantial investment in time and capital. At the heart of every trade show is a treasure trove of content ripe for repurposing. From product demonstrations to insightful keynotes and dynamic discussions, the content generated is a goldmine for savvy marketers. Here’s why repurposing trade show content is not just beneficial but essential:

  • Maximize efficiency: Creating fresh content is a time-consuming and resource-intensive endeavor. But repurposing existing trade show content? That’s like hitting the fast-forward button on your marketing efforts. By repackaging and reshaping what you’ve already got, you’re not just saving time and money but also maximizing the mileage of content you’ve worked hard to gather.
  • Ensure consistent messaging: Ensuring your message remains uniform across various platforms solidifies your brand presence.  It’s all about hammering home those key messages and keeping your audience engaged with a consistent brand narrative.
  • Engage a broader audience: Adapting content for different channels can significantly broaden your audience. And you’re extending your reach far beyond the confines of the exhibit hall. Suddenly, your carefully crafted presentations and product demos are reaching a global audience 24/7.
  • Stay top of mind: By repurposing trade show content, you’re breathing new life into those insights and ideas, keeping them fresh and relevant long after the event has ended. It’s like giving your content a second wind – and in the fast-paced world of fintech, that’s worth its weight in gold.
  • Tell better stories: Whether it’s a customer success story, a thought-provoking panel discussion, or a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your company culture, trade show content is packed with storytelling potential. By repackaging it into blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social media snippets, you’re weaving a rich tapestry of narratives that captivate and inspire your audience.

Ramp Up Marketing With Repurposed Fintech Trade Show Content

The potential to repurpose trade show content is limited only by your creativity. Here are some innovative ways to breathe new life into your content:


Got footage from product demos, customer interviews, or keynote speeches? Turn them into short, snappy video clips that pack a punch on social media. The opportunity for video abounds at fintech trade shows. 

You can easily transform segments of product showcases, sessions, and conversations into bite-sized highlights or engaging narratives for your audience. Consider doing on-site interviews with customers or attendees to gauge industry trends. Caveat: be sure to understand the rules for filming keynotes, sessions, or other trade show content, which is often prohibited. 

Blog Content

Those insightful presentations and panel discussions are a goldmine for blog content. Break down key takeaways and synthesize the core insights from trade show presentations or conversations into bite-sized blog posts, eye-catching infographics, detailed presentations, or comprehensive whitepapers that educate and inspire your audience. 

You can also repurpose blog content into downloadable guides that serve as valuable resources for your audience.  Better yet, add that content to your newsletter or as part of follow-up emails to engage your audience further. 


Want to make data-driven insights more digestible? Transform them into visually appealing infographics that grab attention and drive engagement. Whether it’s showcasing industry trends, customer success stories, or product features, infographics are a powerful way to communicate complex information in a concise and compelling manner. 

Trade shows are all about being seen, so take a spin around the expo hall to see what you can garner from displays, content, and booths. See how you can leverage new ideas for your own content marketing. The goal is to captivate your audience, enhancing brand visibility and recall. 


Turn those thought-provoking panel discussions and interviews into engaging podcast episodes that your audience can listen to on the go. You can also repurpose podcast content into written transcripts or highlight reels for those who prefer reading or visual content. 

Transcribe audio content into text formats for broader accessibility, develop talks inspired by the content, or design graphics that highlight key quotes for visual impact. Converting trade show interviews, panel discussions, or keynote speeches into engaging podcast episodes or written transcripts offers versatile content formats to cater to diverse audience preferences.

Social Media

From live updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses to interactive polls and Q&A sessions, trade show content is tailor-made for social media. Share snippets of presentations, photos from the event floor, or quotes from industry thought leaders to keep your followers engaged and informed.

You can also use trade show content to create engaging social media posts, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or live updates that foster ongoing engagement and interaction with followers, amplifying the impact of the event long after it ends. 

Best Practices for Maximizing Repurposing Fintech Trade Show Content

You need a game plan before you dive in and start repurposing content. Not all content will be usable (or re-usable), and you may need to enhance and tweak what you have to craft something truly relevant and meaningful to your target audience. 

To get the most mileage out of your fintech trade show content, keep the following in mind: 

Strategically organize: While collecting photos, content, notes, and recordings is some of the work, more must be done. You’ll need to organize existing content in a way that is relevant to your marketing objectives and audience preferences. Don’t forget to analyze and measure marketing performance metrics to identify top-performing content that resonates with your target audience.

Adapt for flexibility: Tailor content to suit the requirements and preferences of different marketing channels and audience segments. This is the best way to maximize impact and relevance across diverse platforms.

Enhance accessibility: Optimize content for accessibility across various devices and platforms, adjusting formatting and design elements to accommodate different viewing preferences and screen sizes.

Tailor for your audience: Customize repurposed content to address the specific needs, interests, and pain points of your target audience. This is how you foster deeper engagement and connection.

Elevate visuals: Spruce up the design and other visual elements to maximize the appeal and impact of your repurposed content. Collaborate with graphic designers to create visually stunning materials that resonate with your audience.

Plan strategically: Develop a comprehensive content calendar to align the distribution of repurposed content with industry events, product launches, or relevant news cycles to maximize visibility and engagement.

Track performance: Implement robust analytics and tracking mechanisms to monitor the performance and effectiveness of repurposed content, gaining valuable insights to refine and optimize marketing strategies for future trade shows and initiatives.

Remember, the key to successful repurposing is to tailor the content to the preferences and needs of your audience. Whether it’s through videos, blog posts, infographics, podcasts, social media posts, or interactive content, there’s no shortage of ways to breathe new life into your trade show content and make it work harder for your marketing efforts. So go ahead, unleash the potential of your fintech trade show content, and watch your brand shine across multiple channels!

Got Your Fintech Trade Show Covered But Want More Tools?

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