The Financial Marketer's Guide to Content Marketing

Get on the radar of buyers who do their own research

Attract prospects and generate demand using ROI-driven content marketing.

Three things stand between financial marketers and new customers: trust, credibility, and education. Content marketing is a proven strategy for bridging the gap between financial services companies and the buyers looking for their products and services. According to CMI’s B2B Content Marketing 2019 report, an overwhelming majority (96%) of top performing content marketers report that they have had success building trust and credibility with an audience.   

This guide is a playbook for applying those principles within a financial services organization.

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In addition to trust and credibility, financial marketers are also tasked with educating prospective buyers on the tools they need to succeed. This guide explains how to build a content marketing strategy that does just that.

You’ll learn:

  • Why content marketing should be on every financial marketer’s radar
  • Why employing a cookie-cutter content marketing strategy doesn’t work in financial services (and how to create a data-driven strategy that does)
  • How giving and adding value pays off in the long-run (and how to execute on this concept)
  • How to use storytelling to foster an emotional connection with your prospects
  • How to amplify your messaging in all the right ways
  • How to measure ROI on your content marketing efforts at every stage in the funnel

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