Chicago B2B Fintech Writers

Looking for a B2B fintech writer? We specialize in content creation for B2B fintech & SaaS. We have extensive experience creating content for leading B2B fintech & SaaS brands, including Global Payments Integrated, Blackhawk Network, and CashStar. Our founder, Ashley Poynter, has been a B2B fintech writer for more than 13 years. Prior to building Content Rewired, she led content marketing strategy for financial brands like Wells Fargo and SunTrust Bank.

Why Hire a B2B Fintech Writer?

B2B fintech writers get it. Fintech is a complex, always-evolving industry. It takes deep knowledge and a breadth of writing experience to tell meaningful fintech stories that resonate with your target audience. It’s a job best suited for those that specialize in B2B fintech writing. In fact, most of our clients come to us after bad experiences with other agencies or writers who just don’t “get it.” Writing about complex topics and technologies in a way that makes sense and makes an impact takes skill. Our B2B fintech writers have journalism backgrounds and experience writing about payments, regulations & compliance, banking, wealth management, fraud, AI & machine learning, regtech, insurtech, and more.

Don’t leave your important message and story to writers who don’t have experience creating that type of content. After years of writing and re-writing content created by agencies and writers that don’t understand the fintech space, we know first-hand just how messy things can get. Don’t take our word for it! Take a look at our B2B fintech writing testimonials and Clutch reviews. The best part is that we do full-scale content marketing. We’re not just one or two writers cranking out content. We have writers, designers, and strategists that can help you get the most out of your content. There’s nothing worse than creating amazing content only to have it viewed by 5 people.

Why Hire a Chicago B2B Fintech Writer?

Great question! Whether you’re based in Chicago or not, working with a Chicago B2B Fintech Writer makes sense. We’re centrally located and work with B2B fintech companies around the globe. Some of our clients run Chicago B2B fintech companies, but we also work with organizations in India, London, Canada, Atlanta, Boston, and more.

Some of us are digital nomads. Working in the digital marketing space means our Chicago B2B fintech writers can create content anywhere that has an internet connection. We do love to connect with our local partners, so if you’re in Chicago and down to grab a cup of coffee, we’d love to!

B2B Fintech Writing Topics

As B2B fintech writers, we cover a variety of topics:

Payments Writing

B2B Fintech Writing

Digital Marketing for Fintech Writing

How Our B2B Fintech Writers Work

Our highly skilled freelancers have experience in content marketing, PR, marketing and comms. When you work with us, you gain access to vetted  B2B Fintech Writers. That means you tap into excellent writers who have specialized and technical knowledge in the financial and tech industries. They are adept at creating compelling content, including blog posts, articles for placement in trade pubs, white papers, ebooks, press releases, reports, and more.

You need to instill trust, build credibility, and move your audience to action. Our B2B fintech writers are able to craft stories and messages that do exactly that, moving your prospects closer to a purchase. 



Content Rewired specializes in the strategy and execution of content marketing for Fintech & B2B companies to increase traffic, promote thought leadership, and generate leads.