Fintech Customer Acquisition Tools in Focus: Content Marketing

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This article is a deep dive into how content can serve as a fintech customer acquisition tool. It expands on some of the ideas we covered in the Fintech Customer Acquisition Playbook, which you can download here. 

There are many different types of customer acquisition, including outbound, inbound, paid, and free. Which strategies and tactics you implement will be solely based on your unique business and the strategy that works best for you. 

This article is going to look at how content marketing plays a pivotal role in customer acquisition and how you can harness the power of this strategy to get more customers. 

Content Marketing for Fintech Customer Acquisition

Content marketing is one of the most effective fintech customer acquisition tools. Content is a relevant, cost-effective way to grab prospects’ attention and compel them to action.  

It’s effective because it adds value and provides something to your audience for free. That simple interaction alone can start to build the necessary trust and credibility required in a business relationship. You present your business as a subject matter expert and industry authority and your prospects get something of value. 

Content marketing is a vast undertaking with many different avenues. We outline some of the most popular below. 


Blogging is a non-negotiable for fintechs. Not only is it a highly successful customer acquisition method, but it’s important for a variety of reasons. Blogs allow you to boost SEO, ensuring that you’re findable in search engines. An active blog allows you to cover many different topics and provide a wide array of insights to establish that you are a trustworthy brand. Blogging is a great way to create content that fits every stage of the buyer’s journey, ensuring that you’re meeting prospects where they are and positioning your brand as a helpful authority. 

Creating and sustaining a blog requires resources and time — it’s not a minor undertaking. Determine whether you’ll use in-house resources or external vendors to create a steady cadence of blog content. 

To Foster Trust: Deliver on your promises. Make sure your blog posts cover the topic promised in the headline. 

To Build Credibility: Cadence builds credibility. Keeping your blog populated shows you have a finger on the pulse of your industry. 

To Educate: Use the Google auto-fill feature to figure out what kinds of questions your target audience is asking and then build content around those questions. 

To Inspire Emotional Connection: Sprinkle in personal anecdotes to augment topics where appropriate. Showing a human side draws people in. 

Ebooks, Guides, and Content Offers

Ebooks, guides, and other types of gated offers are often referred to as thought leadership because they consist of more in-depth content that adds a lot of value for the reader. These content pieces often require more specialized resources than blog posts. The latter can be written in a more general way and follow a fairly basic production process. Thought leadership pieces usually require subject matter experts, graphic design, copywriting for landing pages, email nurture campaigns, and perhaps paid advertising. 

Due to the number of insights and value these guides offer, they are usually gated. A person must exchange personal information (name, email address, etc.) to access the content. This setup is what makes these in-depth content pieces valuable fintech customer acquisition tools as they drive qualified leads and help you hone the conversion funnel. 

To Foster Trust: Be sure download forms for gated content aren’t asking for too much information. First name and email address are typically sufficient and considered a “fair trade.”

To Build Credibility: Consider adding insights from subject matter experts within the industry. This highlights your relationships with other thought leaders. 

To Educate: Consider discovering your most popular blog posts via Google Analytics and turning those into more in-depth guides. 

To Inspire Emotional Connection: Create a solid variety of content types and stick to your brand’s tone and voice. Aim for conversational, humorous, and friendly language rather than boring and stuffy. 


Video can be a great way to reach your target audience and engage them with interesting content. Yes, it is much more complicated to produce than a blog, but a wide variety of web tools, a plethora of freelancers, and cheaper access to high-quality cameras, it’s easier than you think. While you want to ensure that the videos you produce meet quality standards, pay more attention to the content you’re featuring in the video. 

Keeping video content up to par means following a standardized process for production, including scripting, editing, production, animation, and reviewing. Determine whether you have the in-house resources to handle video production or consider working with an agency or freelancer to streamline the process.

To Foster Trust: Keep it real. Quote your sources when introducing data or information that is not your own. 

To Build Credibility: Be sure you’re only releasing high-quality videos. It can be tempting to crank out all kinds of visual content from your iPhone, but poor quality videos can do more harm than good. 

To Educate: Consider discovering your most popular blog posts via Google Analytics and turning those into short video clips or explainer videos. 

To Inspire Emotional Connection: Just as with other content, aim to be conversational, humorous, and friendly. Animated videos are great but those that feature you and other members of your team can spark a human-to-human connection. 


Remember, all of your content marketing tactics should focus on producing high-quality content that is informative, authentic, and memorable. Those elements will help you build trust and credibility with your audience while educating and connecting with them. 

Consider adding content marketing to your arsenal of fintech customer acquisition tools. You can easily scale programs up and down as resources and budget dictate. Content can also be reused in other marketing materials and be repackaged as sales collateral as well. 

Looking for more in-depth information about fintech customer acquisition tools? Download the Fintech Customer Acquisition Playbook.

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