How to create thought leadership that sells in the payments industry

Payment Service Providers with a well-defined thought leadership strategy see better marketing ROI and win more business than those without.

payments thought leadership

Research by Edelman Digital and LinkedIn shows more than one-third of C-suite execs and decisionmakers (39%) reported that thought leadership content was influential in their decision to ask a vendor to participate in the RFP process. Almost half (47%) said that type of content had a direct impact on how they awarded business.

If you’re not producing high quality thought leadership, you’re not making the final cut on your targets’ vendor list.

According to Forrester research, business buyers are doing their homework—and bypassing sales reps:

  • More than half (60%) prefer to get primary information from a source that is not a sales rep
  • More than 2/3 (68%) research on their own
  • And 62% finalize vendor lists on digital content alone

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Payments thought leadership is a critical component of a winning marketing strategy for payments companies. However, without the right guidance, resources, and execution, most companies are spinning their wheels. Creating compelling, effective payments thought leadership requires a strategy and a solid team.

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