4 Ways to Repurpose Your Fintech Webinar

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Webinars are highly effective marketing tools for Fintech companies and can be one of the best ways for Fintech startups to gain trust and buy-in from their target audience. 

B2B and B2C Fintech marketing campaigns must be authentic and have a personal touch, and what better way to directly interact and engage your audience than with a webinar? 

The only downside is that webinars can be time-consuming to produce. Brainstorming topics, inviting guests, and coordinating the tech elements all take up a lot of valuable time. 

Luckily for time-constrained fintech marketers, there are some great ways to reuse and repurpose all that hard work spent on creating your webinar. We’ll explore four of them.

Why It’s Important To Repurpose Your Fintech Webinar

Repurposing your webinar has several benefits. In addition to leveraging the highly valuable research and content used to create your webinar, you can also see an increased ROI, better engagement from your audience, and saved time on creating additional marketing collateral. 

Return On Investment

Most fintech marketers are highly attuned to marketing ROI. You want to get the most out of your investments and marketing costs can run sky high when you’re executing on a holistic, omnichannel strategy.  

Good news: repurposing your fintech webinar content can improve ROI by giving you more bang for your marketing buck. One webinar can yield multiple blog posts, ebooks, guides, social posts, and infographics. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – if you know how to leverage your webinar material appropriately.  

Different Strokes

One of the benefits of repurposing your webinar is that you have the opportunity to create different types of content to reach a broader audience. While many people may have loved your webinar, some are more apt to download and read an ebook on their own time. Others may prefer to digest the information in an easy-to-scan infographic. Still others may prefer to watch a 90-second recap video. 

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Different segments and individuals have a wide variety of learning preferences. A repurposed webinar allows a Fintech marketer to cater to all learning and information preferences.  

Time Is Money

Well-produced fintech webinars take loads of time to compile, and it almost seems like a waste for all of that energy to only go toward one event. Repurposing your webinar won’t only justify the amount of time you’ve spent on it, but it can save you a ton of time in the long run. 

We’ve put together four repurposing tips so you can explore different ways to leverage this valuable content and save time and money in the long run.  

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Fintech Webinar

Try these four effective ways to make the most out of your webinar.

1. Highlight Standalone Quotes

The webinar itself may not be the only place to look when trying to repurpose content. Most webinars are interactive events, and many great quotes and insights can be found in the comments section. 

Scan through chat and cem transcripts to find insights and quotes that can be featured or highlighted on blog posts, emails, or even your website content. Quotes are a great way to summarize and highlight related content, and the more profound and relevant the quote, the better.

As a habit, you should create a database of quotes that you retrieve from webinars and other platforms and split them by topic and field. Then, when the time comes to make some fresh content, simply look up the subject and copy and paste your quotes. 

2. The Perfect Highlight Reel

Fintech webinars tend to err on the long side as there is a plethora of valuable information to communicate.  In summary form, webinar content can become the perfect bit of punchy content for blog posts and even landing pages. 

This is ideal for members of your target audience that may prefer to consume snippets of information rather than swallow an entire webinar one bite. Cater to these people with a “highlight reel” of the most interesting information from your webinar. 

If you’re creating demand generation content from the webinar, this type of summary or highlight reel can serve as landing page content to entice people into downloading the content. 

3. Demand Generation & Lead Magnets

Gated webinars are highly effective lead magnets. After the live webinar, add the video replay to your site behind a gate. Ask people to fill out a (short) form to view the webinar as a way to generate additional leads. 

You may also choose to create high-value demand generation content from the webinar by honing in on a particular topic or theme and building out an additional demand generation asset from there. This should also be gated and can be a great way to collect more information about your target audience. 

Of course, not all of the content you repurpose from the webinar needs to be gated, but much of it can be turned into a variety of high-value content that people are willing to trade their contact information in order to receive. 

4. Video Mash-Up

Don’t forget about the video content from your webinar. Without a doubt, there are charts, quotes, and Q&A segments that can be filled with highly valuable information. Creating a video mash-up of the most interesting parts of your webinar can result in some very relevant marketing materials. 

Both shorter and longer video mash-ups can be created and uploaded to your YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, or other video-sharing platforms. Short clips get the most views on social media platforms, so keep it punchy. You can also use video editing software to add titles, graphics, or anything else to improve the clips. 

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your organization in front of the right eyes (and ears) at the right time. Repurposing your fintech webinar can feed your content marketing efforts in a big way while saving you time and money. 

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