How Three Fintechs Turbocharged Content Marketing FTW

Creating content in the fintech space is no easy feat. Even for larger organizations, ensuring that there are enough feet on the ground to conduct interviews, do research, and create well-written content is a grind. 

It’s the number one reason clients come to us. They’ve stretched beyond their internal capacity and they’re struggling to find B2B fintech writers that can grasp and authoritatively write about subject matter that is interesting to their audience. 

“We tried a freelancer, but they really didn’t understand our business or who we serve.”

“We were working with an agency, but their writing about our subject matter was just off — and we didn’t feel it was getting the attention it needed.”

“We were working with a writer but would love to have someone who can also take on design work for some of our more polished pieces.”

These are all reasons people give when we first speak to them about their needs. There are 100s more, but these are the main ones we hear over and over again. It’s tough to find someone to take on all your B2B fintech content needs!

B2B Fintech Content Writing That Boosts Organic Traffic

“Our site saw an overall 24% increase in traffic on the days we published Content Rewired’s content.”

We partnered with a fintech-focused recruitment company to generate blog content and organically improve the client’s SEO to increase their digital visibility and reach new audiences. The content we produced was compelling enough to increase the client’s web traffic by 24% on publication days. The client’s team also reported seamless collaboration with our team founded on excellent communication. 

“The quality of their writing surpassed that of other vendors and was top-notch, forgoing the need for any editing.”

One of the reasons our clients trust us is because of our track record with quality content production. Our content goes through a rigorous process that includes ideation/brainstorming, research, fact-checking, grammar and spelling checks, and final reviews. We work tirelessly for our clients so they can rest easy knowing that the content they promote on their website is unmatched in quality, information, and appeal. 

“What I found most impressive was the quality of the content we were able to post, which surpassed anything we’d blogged to date. There was no need for editing on our end, and we were literally able to post the content directly to our site after receiving it. This was quite a change from other vendors, whose work required proofing and wordsmithing prior to posting.”

A Team That Understand Your Business — and Your Needs

“It was very impressive how well Ashley understood our industry and what we wanted to accomplish.”

Global Payments Integrated was looking to add additional writers for blog content and gain article placements on prominent industry-specific websites. We also wanted our content shared on content rewired’s CEO Ashley Poynter’s social media platforms including LinkedIn & Twitter.

Not only did we aid in their goal of creating additional blog content, but we successfully secured article placements on industry-specific websites and gained social media followers for the client. The client’s team was thrilled with our effective workflow, including the ability to manage a remote partnership exceptionally well. They also appreciated our team’s in-depth knowledge of a niche industry.

B2B Fintech Content — When You Need It (Yesterday)

“The quality of the content is very impressive, and the team works with incredible speed.”

Our client was looking for a content expert that knew the payments industry and could help create content that would be important and helpful to their clients. They wanted to cover topics like PCI compliance, payments security, data breach prevention, and other subjects pertinent to university treasurers. 

After engaging with Content Rewired, the client reported that newsletter clicks and opens increased, and users responded positively to Content Rewired’s articles. 

“Leveraging a structured approach, the team continues to facilitate a seamless partnership. They routinely deliver high-quality content within short deadlines.”

The only thing we love more than creating meaningful fintech content is being able to do it quickly without sacrificing quality. We understand that many of our clients have important business objectives that content marketing supports, and we want them to reach those goals as quickly as possible. 

We’re a Scalable, Affordable, Likeable Answer to Your B2B Fintech Content Needs

Don’t take my word for it. You can view more of our Clutch reviews in greater detail here. The unique thing about our agency is that we can scale to meet your needs. Whether you need an extra hand on deck or an entire team of fintech content marketing experts, we’ve got your back. We work with our clients to find solutions that fit within their budget, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to create best-in-class content. 

More importantly, we’re fun to work with! We’re committed to turning out top-tier work and we’re geeky when it comes to all things fintech. Many of us are journalists, but we all have deep writing experience. We believe in real partnerships that are grounded in communication, mutual respect, empathy, and authenticity. We love feedback and we’re huge fans of open, honest lines of communication. We also happen to have the cutest CTO on the planet. 

We’d love to speak with you about your specific content needs. Every client is different, and we offer bespoke services that fit your goals and budget. Contact us today for a free consultation about how content marketing can grow your business and impact the bottom line. 

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