[Infographic] How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

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How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

Do you know how to use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation? It’s one of the biggest social questions posed to our team (we wrote an in-depth piece about different strategies and tactics here) and we’ve put together the infographic above to help you take actionable steps to improve your LinkedIn lead generation. 

It’s not surprise that content marketing is a big part of this. By offering value through thought leadership and social posting, you can connect to new audiences. LinkedIn is the best social channel on which to provide fresh ideas and new insights.

LinkedIn has the highest lead conversion rate of about 2.74% – three times more than that generated by Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at the following five tips to learn how to use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation.

How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

Tip #1: Dress up your profile

  • Include a professional profile picture
  • Add to the recommendation section of your profile
  • Ask people to endorse you for a particular skill set

Tip #2: Research leads

Get in front of the right people. Subscribe to one of LinkedIn’s premium memberships, which offer advanced search options.

Tip #3: Offer value through content

Plan out updates, articles, and blog posts to share based on what topics are trending and what your connections are talking about.

Tip #4: Participate in group discussions

Participate in discussions to provide support and answers via high-quality content

Tip #5: Get recommended

In the era of Yelp and 5-star ratings, peer reviews and social proof are super important. Recommendations help you stand apart from the crowd and inspire trust.

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