Is It Time to Switch to a New Marketing Agency?

Working with a marketing agency means taking on a business partner. Just like with co-founders, it takes some time to get to know each other’s preferences, communication styles, schedules, and quirks. Regardless, you’re both working towards the same set of business objectives. 

Working with a marketing agency is like a fine wine — it gets better over time. It should also get easier as communication flows more easily and progress towards goals is made. The right agency partnerships lead to profits.  

Unfortunately, sometimes relationships with agencies go south. If you’re feeling like you may be living through that right now, we have a few signs that it might be time to make a change. 

1. Your Agency is Bad at Communication

If it’s really hard to get in touch with your contact, you have a big problem. Open lines of communication are a must and should include regular check-ins. Lack of communication leads to misunderstandings, mistakes, and missed opportunities. It’s hard to keep a strategy on track if you are unable to get a hold of your partner. When things start to derail, results suffer and trust begins to erode. 

Just like with any relationship, if the other party is ghosting, it’s time to move on. Not being available is just one of the symptoms of an agency relationship gone off the rails. You should consider making a change if: 

  • Your conversations are unproductive with one or more parties needing to constantly repeat things and with no real resolutions. 
  • You have a hard time getting answers to questions from your agency — or they provide wrong answers. 
  • It takes your agency more than one day to respond to you
  • Your point of contact keeps changing — or you don’t have a point of contact
  • Your agency is constantly late with deliverables

2. Your Agency Delivers Sloppy Work

When you work with an agency, you are making them an extension of your brand in some ways. The work they produce will represent who you are as a company. When an agency produces sloppy, inconsistent, or inaccurate work for you, those qualities can transfer onto your brand.

Agencies that constantly miss deadlines or produce work that is rife with typos and grammatical errors should be reevaluated. Their creative deliverables could directly impact how your audience views your brand. This can lead to the degradation of your brand reputation. 

Pay attention to the quality of work your agency delivers. While mistakes may happen once in a blue moon (even with the best agencies), those that are consistently delivering sloppy work may need to be replaced. 

3. Your Agency Doesn’t Understand Your Business

This is a big one that we see time and time again as a fintech content marketing agency, especially since many of our clients turn to us after unsuccessful attempts to partner with agencies that have no fintech experience. 

An agency partner should understand your business and your industry well. There may be a learning curve to start, but the agency should have a firm grasp of what you do and who you serve after the first few months. If they don’t, it’s time for a change. 

In order to deliver the best content and strategy and messaging, your agency should understand the nuances of your business and your audiences. They cannot properly market your products, solutions, and services if they don’t thoroughly understand how they work. In some cases, an agency may need to do some thorough research on your customer base in order to produce the best results. If your agency has shied away from this or not done it at all, you may need to find a more willing or better-educated marketing partner. 

We Specialize as a Fintech Content Marketing Agency

As a fintech content marketing agency, we specialize in working with fintech organizations that are interested in developing blogs, thought leadership content, white papers, and other messaging to reach their audiences. 

We come locked and loaded with years of experience creating content for fintech companies of all kinds, including payments, insurtech, regtech, and more. Not only do we understand the industry inside and out, but we’re willing to put in the work to understand the nuanced features and challenges of each of our clients. 

This allows us to deeply understand who our clients are and what their customers need. This information provides the foundation for creating compelling, creative content that evokes the emotional reactions and actions our clients want their audiences to have.

If you’re currently working with an agency that does not specialize and you’re looking to make a change to a fintech content marketing agency, contact us today

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