Is Your B2B Fintech Content Boring?

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Are you going out of your way to create content only to find that no one is reading or sharing your information? We have good news and bad news. The good news is: you’re not alone. According to 1st Quality Content, roughly 70% of content receives no engagement. The bad news? Your B2B fintech content might be boring. 

There are many different variables behind what makes B2B fintech content interesting, and there are also red flags that your content might be boring. If one or more of the following items resonates, you may have a boring content problem: 

  • Your content is generic
  • You find it hard to read your own content
  • Your content is too complex
  • Your content lacks personality
  • Your writing is unsophisticated
  • Your content is overly promotional

Content should be informative, innovative, and actionable. If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, it might be time to switch it up. Alternatively, if your B2B fintech content strategy is all over the place, it might be time to nail down a plan with more consistency. 

Let’s discuss some key ingredients that can help ensure your B2B fintech content is anything but boring.

Be Bold, Add Color

There is plenty of room to be bold when it comes to creating B2B fintech content. By adding color (read: making things interesting via storytelling), you can keep your audience engaged from start to finish.  

In addition to weaving elements of storytelling into your content, consider switching up your topics. Certain topics lend themselves to easier storytelling and more color. Find ways to add characters and plots to the information you’re presenting to your audience. 

Obviously, there are some topics you have to cover, but the more you can add interesting (and still relevant) subject matter to the content mix, the happier your audience will be. 

Add Humor

You read that correctly. Be funny. No, not all topics are flexible enough to be humorous, but you should take advantage of the ones that are. Even formal, more serious brands can use content to show off a playful sense of humor. 

Jokes can lighten up stiff material and also communicate to your audience that you are self-aware and don’t take yourself too seriously. This alone makes content more relatable. Even if you aren’t comfortable infusing all of your content with humor, a tongue-in-cheek comment here and there can make your content more appealing. 

Add Flavor Via Media Types & Promotion

Finding new and interesting ways to write new content is just half the battle. The other side of the coin is choosing the right media and distribution channels to get your content in front of the people who want and need it. 

Adding video to the mix can be a powerful way to convey information in a new format. In 2021, we’ve seen an increase in webinars and virtual events, so video is a natural extension that may be a good way to spice up B2B fintech content.  

Don’t overlook social media. Leverage quote cards and creative call-outs as part of your B2B fintech content strategy. Important information doesn’t have to look boring. Be creative. Be strategic. Be appealing. Don’t be afraid to make things pop.   

Understand how your audience is using and browsing your website. Monitor your competitors frequently and keep an eye on new platforms and channels where potential customers could be doing research and looking for content. Apply this information to ensure your content is getting in front of the right eyes at the right time. 

Keep it Short and Sweet

Writing best practices have changed since the time I was in school. In the late 90s and early 2000s (am I dating myself??), a proper paragraph consisted of 6-8 sentences. If you write that way today, you are going to lose people right off the bat. 

We live in a digital age where people get their news from Twitter in 280 characters or less. Your own writing should take a cue from these new reader preferences and keep things on the shorter side. Paragraphs of 2-3 sentences perform the best, so walls of dense text should be broken down into more digestible snippets.  

Aim to keep paragraphs to three sentences max. Use bullets where possible and make it as easy as possible for readers to skim your content and still be able to take away the main points. This can increase the likelihood that readers will stick around to engage and make it all the way to the end of your content.  

If you have to ask yourself whether or not your B2B fintech content is boring, consider some of the pointers above. Most organizations struggle to keep things fresh now and again. By evaluating your current content and finding ways to add color, add flavor, and spice things up, you can better engage your audience and compel them to take the action you want them to take.

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