So You Want to Hire Fintech Content Writers?

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to hire fintech content writers. It’s impossible to effectively market your products or services without knowing how to talk and write about them. Even the best marketing minds cannot surmount bad writing and messaging. The antidote to ineffective marketing, then, seems to be a great team of writers. 

Great writing underpins excellent marketing. For B2B fintechs, this can lead to unique challenges and problems. Fintech is a complex, ever-evolving field that requires certain knowledge and expertise. But it also requires the ability to talk about complex subject matter in simple terms. Finding writers that have both the expertise and writing chops to tackle both can be a challenge. 

We’ll look at the importance of fintech content writers, the challenges those who want to hire fintech content writers could face, and the best ways to find writers that will work for your brand. 

Why You Need Fintech Content Writers

To hire fintech content writers is to potentially add a ton of value to your marketing and product teams. Most fintech products and services require a certain level of knowledge to understand. One primary job for fintechs is to educate their target audience about the benefits and features. Creating informative and educational content is one way of doing this, whether it’s writing a product guide or hosting a well-organized webinar on industry problems and solutions. 

Great writers can also contribute if not manage more specific marketing tasks, including the following: 

Lead Generation 

B2B fintech companies rely on lead generation to drive sales and revenue growth. Content marketing is an effective way to attract and engage potential customers, provide them with valuable information, and encourage them to take action. Vet and hire fintech content writers that can create content that speaks to the needs and pain points of your target audience and watch the leads flow in.

Search Engine Optimization

Content marketing is a crucial element of search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. By creating high-quality, informative content that is optimized for search engines, you can increase your visibility and attract more traffic to your website. This can help improve search engine rankings and increase your online presence.

Brand Building

Strong content writers can help fintech companies build their brands and establish a strong identity in the market. Many often have broader experience in B2B fintech content marketing. By creating content that is consistent with your brand values and messaging, you can increase your brand recognition and differentiation from competitors.

Relationship Building

B2B fintech products and services often involve complex, long-term relationships between the company and its customers. Content marketing provides a way for fintech companies to establish and nurture those relationships over time. By creating content that speaks to the needs and interests of your target audience, you can build trust and credibility and position your brand as a reliable partner and thought leader.

Want to Hire Fintech Content Writers? There are Challenges

Maybe you’re sold on the importance of having a team of strong fintech content writers, but there are some downsides. Finding great writers in the industry can be tough for several reasons: 

Niche Industry

Fintech is a highly specialized industry, which requires a deep understanding of financial services and technology across a number of sectors. From payments to insurtech to regtech, each slide of fintech requires specialized knowledge that can be hard to come by. Finding and hiring fintech content writers that meet your needs and have a deep understanding of your customer segment – and that also have the ability to create high-quality, informative content – can be a tall order. 

Research Abilities

Specialized knowledge is a great start, but great fintech writers should also have strong research skills – and not all writers do. It’s one thing to be able to pen some interesting prose and quite another to create compelling B2B content backed by facts and data. Content writers should have experience gathering, interpreting, and translating data into easily digestible nuggets of information that can help tell a story. This can be a challenging skill set to find in a writer.

Regulatory Complexity

Fintech companies are subject to complex regulations and compliance requirements, which can make it difficult to find writers who are familiar with these regulations and can create content that is compliant and accurate.

High Demand

The fintech industry is highly competitive, and the demand for talented content writers is only growing. Even as many companies downsize, there is a need for contract writers who can get up-to-speed quickly with the brand and its customer segment – and create compelling content from day 1. This demand can make it difficult to find experienced writers who are available for work.

Limited Pool of Candidates

There is a limited pool of candidates who have the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to create high-quality fintech content. Companies looking to hire fintech content writers will probably have a difficult time sifting through a myriad of resumes that may not meet their needs. 

There are some challenges to finding the right fit when it comes to fintech writers. Between the existing talent pool and demand alone, resource availability is stretched thin.

Finding the Best Fintech Content Writers

While it may seem like all doom and gloom if you want to hire fintech content writers, don’t get discouraged. There are some tactics to finding a good fit for your company, though they require dedication and time. 

Post job listings on specialized job boards: Post job listings for fintech content writers on specialized job boards, such as ProBlogger, JournalismJobs, and MediaBistro. These job boards attract a wide range of experienced writers who may have the necessary skills and expertise for fintech content writing, including writing chops, research abilities, and previous fintech experience.

Network with industry professionals: Network with industry professionals, including your colleagues at other fintech companies who may have hired fintech writers in the past. Check out LinkedIn groups around fintech writing, marketing, and branding. Ask for recommendations or referrals to writers who specialize in fintech content writing.

Review writer portfolios and samples: Always ask writing candidates for their portfolios and samples to get a sense of their writing style and expertise. Look for writers who have experience creating content for the fintech industry, and who have a deep understanding of complex financial products and services.

Test candidate skills: Consider giving potential writers a test assignment or sample project to evaluate their writing skills and their ability to create content that meets your needs. Be sure these are paid opportunities. 

Look for specialized content marketing agencies: Look for content marketing agencies that specialize in fintech and have experience working with fintech companies. These agencies often have a pool of talented writers who have the necessary skills and expertise to create high-quality fintech content. Not only does this take the time-intensive search process off your plate, but it may give you peace of mind that you’re working with the highest-quality writers available.

For those who want to hire fintech content writers, the process can be daunting. Remember your long-term objectives and document what you need in a writer. Consider culture fit, background, writing skills, and fintech experience during your search. While the market may be a little tight, you’ll be happy you hung in there once you find the best fit for your fintech. 

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