Why B2B Fintech Writers are Hard to Find

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We know firsthand how hard it is for fintechs to find consistent, solid B2B fintech writers. In some cases, they find writers who can produce a great test piece but ultimately can’t meet the ongoing demand for high-quality content. Others find excellent writers…who just can’t quite rise to the level of excellent B2B fintech writers. Subject matter is important and even the best grammarians that can’t grasp the complexities of the fintech space will fizzle out. 

Fintechs that don’t have the budget to hire a dedicated, in-house writer may feel they are missing out on the opportunity to cultivate a writer that is intimately familiar with their brand, products, and services, but this is not true. It is possible to find a B2B fintech writer that can accommodate your needs, but it’s not always easy. We’ll take a look at some of the reasons B2B fintech writers are hard to find so you can figure out the best ways to overcome these challenges — and find a writer that ultimately boosts your bottom line. 

Top Reasons B2B Fintech Writers are Hard to Find

B2B Copywriting is Hard

When I first graduated college and was looking for ways to break into marketing and advertising, it was the B2C roles that seemed the most appealing. That’s where all the “fun” copywriting is, right? Much to my dismay, the market was overcrowded with copywriters just like me, all looking for that big break that would have them penning killer one-liners for a McDonald’s billboard smack dab in the middle of Times Square (or something like that). 

There’s a (mis)perception that B2C is where all the fun is at and that B2C writing provides the best outlet for creatives. Here’s the thing: both of those assumptions are false, but it doesn’t stop many freelancers from focusing their efforts on growing B2C clientele. Naturally, there are fewer B2B writers out there. Also, B2B writing is hard. You’re not trying to explain to a single person why a $5 purchase is worth their while. Instead, you’re explaining to a complex web of buyers — a committee — reasons why they should fork over tens of thousands to millions of dollars for something that will improve their business and bottom line. It’s a much taller order. 

B2B writing is demanding. Not only must you be a good writer, but you also have to be a bit of a polymath. B2b writing requires the ability to understand complex subject matter and jargon but also the ability to turn all that into meaningful, interesting, compelling stories that people want to read. Simply put, not every freelancer is cut out to do B2b writing, and finding one that is can be like finding a diamond in the rough.  

Fintech Writing is Hard

Finding a great B2B fintech writer has an added layer of difficulty: fintech writing is hard. Many people — including writers — are still not all that familiar with what fintech is. Any mention of Bitcoin or Blockchain or chargebacks or acquiring banks to someone outside the industry is often met with a confused, eyes-glazed-over look. Worse yet are the writers who feign to understand what fintech is, only to regurgitate industry jargon in a way that makes absolutely no sense within the context in which they are asked to tell a story. 

Fintech writing is hard. It requires at least some foundational knowledge about the subject matter and a willingness to always be learning more. In an industry that is evolving as quickly as fintech, you have to find a writer who is both whip-smart and who also embraces a beginner’s mind. Between emerging technologies, evolving regulations, and new entrants arriving daily, a great fintech writer must be able (and willing) to keep tabs on the space and continuously update their knowledge library. 

An Overabundance of Generic Writers

Most freelance writers are generalists. They may be great writers and grammarians, but they lack the necessary background and topical experience to create high-quality content that will appeal to your unique target audience. Even those that can learn to require a heavy amount of coaching and education to get them up-to-speed, which means you have to dedicate more of your time to help them. 

Even with proper coaching, there’s no guarantee that the writer will be able to take that information and turn it into the appropriate context for your audience. When it comes to B2B fintech writing, generalists won’t do. Usually, the best content will come from industry professionals (who typically aren’t writers or don’t have the time to write) or professional writers that have ample B2B fintech experience. Someone with a journalism background or an English degree alone probably won’t cut it.

Not Everyone Knows SEO

SEO can be a polarizing subject for professional writers. Writing purists detest what they consider an assault on the principles of writing. Others would write no content without over-peppering keywords all over the place. Balance is key, but it’s also important to find a writer who understands SEO, at a minimum. 

Even fintechs that are looking for thought leadership content should consider working with writers who can still consider SEO. Not only is it the key to ranking well in search engines, but your writers need to have a grasp on the types of keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for. Those words and phrases can also inform the topics on which you write because it reflects the things your audience finds important and the questions they’re trying to answer. 

Tech Writing Requires Balance

B2B fintech writers are a rare breed because it requires a high degree of technical expertise but it also requires solid writing skills. It’s usually easier to find one without the other. What’s more, even writers that are familiar with techspeak must be able to turn that into interesting, digestible content for readers. This is where test articles can be helpful. Assign prospective writers a piece that requires them to translate highly technical content into something that makes sense and is interesting to people. 

Great writers that don’t have the technical proficiency may still be open to some training. Again, success here will depend upon your ability, willingness, and availability to educate a writer. 

Why You Should Hold On To Great B2B Fintech Writers

While the challenges outlined above may make it seem like finding great B2B fintech writers is impossible, that’s just not the case. Excellent, effective B2B fintech writers are out there, but many of them are busy because their clients understand that they have talent that can give them a competitive edge. 

Writing is crucial to grow your business. The ability to tell stories and garner an audience’s interest is paramount for B2B fintechs. The ability to do this better than your competitors can make or break your brand. That is why so many B2B marketers are allocating a large chunk of their budget to content and content marketing. Great stories require great writers. 

Finding a great B2B fintech writer may be challenging, but once you’ve found one or two that fit the bill, it’s to your benefit to hold onto them. Storytelling is the name of the game when it comes to differentiating, and you need great writers to do this well. 

Looking for B2B fintech writers to help you bring your content to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

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