Why It’s a Good Idea to Hire Fintech Copywriters that Understand Your Business

Copywriters are a hotly debated topic for many reasons. Some businesses are limited by budgets, which can make it extraordinarily difficult to find a high-quality copywriter that understands the business and who can write well. Others believe that all B2B copywriters are capable of writing about any B2B subject matter. Still, others think that hiring someone with B2C copywriting experience should translate just fine in the B2B realm. Most of these ideas lead to hires that disappoint. Whether you’re looking for a full-time copywriter or one or several freelancers to lend a hand with content, you want to make sure the people you bring on board know their stuff.

Copywriting is About More than Just Writing…

One of the greatest fallacies about hiring a copywriter is that “a good copywriter should be able to handle any subject matter.” While there are a few anomalies, most copywriters specialize in a niche. It may be as broad as B2B or B2C, or it may be as specific as “B2B – SaaS” or “B2C – health and wellness.” When you’re hiring a fintech copywriter for your business, you must make sure that the copywriter understands your business.  Words can be (and should be) edited and fine-tuned but the subject matter…well, that’s a lot harder to improve upon if the person writing the initial drafts is completely clueless about the nuances of your industry or business model. 

When speaking to prospective fintech copywriters, ask them questions that get to the heart of what they know about you and your industry. Ask them how long they’ve been writing for Industry X and why they chose that as a specialty. Ask them about their favorite projects writing for Industry X and why they liked them. It should become apparent fairly quickly whether or not a) the person even has experience writing for your industry, and 2) whether they’re any good at it. 

It can also be helpful to ask which industry resources and publications they turn to when researching writing projects. This is another way to hone in on whether or not the person actually understands the industry or if they’re faking it. It’s also a great way to tune into new media you may not be aware of. 

Great fintech copywriters can be especially hard to come by because the fintech umbrella is broad and the subject matter is complex. There are also both B2C and B2B aspects to the industry, and there can be vast differences between the two. To be sure you hire someone who can authoritatively — and eloquently — speak about your unique business and all of its complex facets, write down your expectations before you begin interviewing candidates. 

…But the Writing Part is Important, Too

Hopefully, we’ve adequately hit on the importance of finding a fintech copywriter that understands your business. While that is paramount, finding someone who can actually write about the complexities and interconnectedness and trends is also important. 

Writing samples and test articles are another excellent way to gauge the talent and capabilities of prospective fintech copywriters. Ask for relevant clips and samples upfront so you can confirm that the candidate has some experience writing for businesses similar to yours. Test articles take that one step further by ensuring that the candidate can write about your specific business. Always pay for test articles. You don’t work for free, so don’t make your copywriter candidates do it, either. 

In general, the more experience and published clips a writer has, the better they are. Like all things, practice makes perfect. A seasoned copywriter will be easier to bring up to speed than someone just getting started. Of course, more experienced writers will also be more expensive. It may take some trial and error to find the right balance of experience and price. 

Starting Your Search for a Fintech Copywriter

Most businesses bring on copywriters because they want to prioritize content marketing or because they want to make changes to their website or other content. These projects tend to be pretty big, making it nearly impossible to complete with in-house teams alone. SMBs often rely on a small marketing department and a number of specialized vendors and freelancers to complete projects of this nature. Locating the best vendors and freelancers can be challenging, especially in the gig economy where there are about a million and one options. 

While posting open fintech copywriting opportunities on online job boards and social media is a good start, hone in on places where copywriters spend time. There are plenty of writer-focused groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn where people can post writing-specific jobs or gigs. Referrals are also a reliable bet. Reach out to your professional network and see if anyone has a recommendation for a fintech copywriter. Working with a freelancer or vendor that has a proven track record can lower your risk and make the search much simpler. 

Getting ready to kick off a content project? Need help with the words on your website? Contact us to learn more about how our fintech copywriters can help make your next project a success!

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