5 Reasons You Need a Content Marketing Consultant

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It’s no doubt that content is the heart and soul of a business. In fact, it has long been touted as an imperative internet marketing tool that can help you build a strong presence online and nurture relationships with prospective customers. How and where you present your message – and what your message looks like –  is what that can distinguish you from your competitors. Here’s the catch – with  27,000,000 pieces of content shared every day, you need an airtight strategy to break through the online noise.

Whether you are a startup or a well-established business owner, getting enough resources and time to create and execute a solid content marketing strategy can be difficult.  Fortunately, if you lack a formal strategy or the required skills to get your online message where it needs to be, hiring a content marketing consultant can help you hit your goals.

What is a Content Marketing Consultant?

A content marketing consultant is an expert individual with a thorough knowledge of content marketing strategies that work. You may be good at writing but content marketing isn’t just about typing words. It’s about creating thoughtful messages and stories that compel readers to take the desired action. Content consultants achieve this through several mediums such as blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, whitepapers, infographics, social media posts, and more.  However, the ultimate goal is to increase your web traffic & visibility, promote user engagement, generate quality leads, grow sales and place you as a strong leader in your industry.

Still not convinced? Below are the 5 reasons how a content marketing consultant can help your business succeed.

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Content Marketing Consultant

1) Knowledge of SEO

SEO and content are often taken as two separate entities with different roles and objectives. However, in reality, they overlap, blend, cohere and complement each other. With no implementation of SEO techniques, your content marketing strategy would be lifeless. A content marketing consultant is instilled with the skills of an SEO expert as well. If you hire an in-house employee or do it yourself, you will need extensive time and resources to understand all the ins and outs of SEO. Hiring a content consultant can save time, resources, and hassles.

2) Ability to create compelling storylines and an effective content calendar

Storytelling isn’t just about assembling facts. It’s more about putting those facts in context and delivering them to the audience with emotional impact. A content consultant has the ability to create such a compelling story lines that consumers can emotionally connect with. According to DemandGen, 95% of B2B service and product buyers consider content as trustworthy when evaluating a company and its offerings. And this all comes from a content that is thoughtfully created. It’s also important to publish the content regularly and on time if you aim to receive continuous traffic. A comprehensive editorial calendar plays a crucial role in this case.

3) Ability to take complex or technical subject matter and craft it into a compelling story

Content marketing consultants are really good at exploring raw data, gathering useful insights, and molding it all into a compelling story that sells. These professionals can take complex or technical subject matter and turn them into valuable and shareable material. Shuffling through a pool of articles and research papers and then compiling the information that aligns with your content marketing goals requires a high degree of knowledge and a lot of patience. The best consultants are natural educators. Part of content marketing is a business educating its target audience in a way that piques interest. A content marketing consultant is well-versed in this and knows how a particular piece of information should be presented that appropriately conveys your brand message.

4) Understands the importance of visual storytelling and the role of graphic design

According to the sources, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. This means visual storytelling forms an important part of overall content marketing strategy. A content marketing consultant understands this and knows how to effectively use and incorporate graphics in order to gain maximum eyeballs on the content. Hence, you can say that they combine the power of art with words to inform, persuade, entertain, and attract audience attention.

5) Create a strategy that helps SMBs meet their business goals

According to 2017 marketing stats, marketers, on average, spend 28% of their total marketing budget on content marketing. The biggest looming question is “what will my ROI be and how can we measure?” A content marketing consultant can create a roadmap that outlines KPIs and translates those KPIs to business value. The goal should be a strategy that helps SMBs meet their business goals in the most economical way. Since consultants have extensive experience across diverse industries and various approaches, it’s often a win for businesses to outsource some or all of their content marketing efforts. It frees up internal resources to focus on their core responsibilities instead of stretching thin to keep the content marketing wheel spinning.

The Bottom Line

With 90% of all organizations using content in their marketing efforts, gaining a competitive edge is essential. Managing content marketing alone can get overwhelming.A consultant has resources that are shared across their team and other clients. Instead of hiring a copywriter, a social media manager, an SEO expert, etc., you can leverage shared resources from your consultant.

Without a solid plan, any content marketing effort may not hit the mark. Having a content marketing expert help plan and manage your marketing goals can alleviate the burden and help you meet business objectives. If you are struggling to get your content marketing efforts organized, hiring a content marketing consultant might be a smart play.

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