Emerging B2B Fintech Marketing Trends to Watch, Part II

Welcome to Part II of our two-part series on emerging B2B fintech marketing trends to watch. As we pointed out in Part I, huge market shifts over the past year have led to the emergence of several fintech marketing trends. Innovation paired with the need to adjust to market changes has pushed marketing to the forefront. 

In Part II, we look at several more B2B fintech marketing trends to keep your eye on through the end of this year and into 2023. 

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) has a strong foothold that runs across industries. This marketing strategy focuses on a list of target accounts within a market and uses personalized campaigns that address the custom needs of each account. 

The availability of data has made ABM an appealing strategy for B2B fintech customer success. Creating a customized offer or pitch for a few target accounts can be very successful, so this marketing trend is likely to stand the test of time. 

Intent Monitoring

Intent monitoring is another high-ROI B2B fintech marketing tactic. The idea here is to use data to hone in on people who already want what you’re offering. Intent data, or data based on purchase signals that is collected and aggregated across thousands of B2B websites and publishers, can be used to understand consumption patterns. 

Traditionally, B2B marketing is often focused on moving people through a pipeline until they are ready to buy. Intent monitoring skips right to the people who are already at the bottom of the funnel and targets campaigns that appeal to them. 

Creative Strategic Partnerships

Given the connectivity that the internet has enabled, more and more B2B fintechs are looking for creative ways to partner with other businesses via mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. In some cases, businesses with complementary services may partner together to improve sales for both parties while ultimately improving service to the customer. 

Many organizations have created Director of Strategic Partnerships positions to hone in on scalable opportunities and grow those relationships. In addition to new partnerships, a focus on expansion opportunities with existing partners can also be beneficial for fintech customer success. 

Fintech Influencers

While many think of influencer marketing as a trendy way to market clothes and accessories, it has a place in B2B fintech, too. Notable thought leaders in the space that have already established audiences of their own make appealing partners for co-creating new thought leadership. 

There are several different ways to work with fintech influencers, and some may even offer their own brand of sponsored marketing. You can interview fintech influencers to include in your thought leadership, asking them to share the final piece among their following. You can co-author thought leadership that will also be promoted among their audience along with yours. People respect and admire the expertise and thinking of certain influencers, so leveraging them as a marketing strategy can be wise.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a tried and tested approach to improving marketing ROI. While it’s not necessarily an “emerging” B2B fintech marketing trend, it continues to gain notoriety. The bottom line is that working with what you’ve got – and improving and building upon what’s working – is the best tool marketers have in their toolbox. 

With B2B fintech marketing, automation, a/b testing, and improving conversion elements will be critical as the space becomes more crowded. That doesn’t mean that brands can allow the human element to fall by the wayside. Instead, they should continue to focus on promoting human, relatable content – and optimizing the performance of that content over time.


While Part I of this series focused a lot on the human elements of marketing, it’s important to note that the more technical B2B fintech marketing elements are important, too. B2B fintech customer success lies at the intersection of both. 

Relatable, personalized marketing campaigns that leverage technology to streamline and optimize can foster connections with your audience and improve conversions. 

Want more tips for fintech customer success? Don’t forget to download our Fintech Content Marketing Playbook today!

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