Guide to Generating Fintech Content Ideas

1. LinkedIn for Industry Leader Insights

LinkedIn is flush with fintech content ideas that can be used to inform your content. To start, look at the types of things your network is posting — especially topics that are getting high levels of engagement. Consider how you might replicate that effort for your own content by adding your own unique perspective or spin to the topic. 

Don’t forget to look at the comments of high-performing posts. Some people follow up with additional questions, which can make great content topics. Lots of similar questions may signal that there was a gap in the information provided, which allows you to fill that gap with unique content of your own. 

Another beneficial thing about using LinkedIn to inform your content topics is that you can pull in quotes and insights from people in your network (with credit, of course) and then ask them to share your piece once it’s published. Most people will not shy away from promoting content that quotes them or presents them as thought leaders. 

2. Your Inbox

One of the most overlooked places to find fintech content ideas is your inbox. Sift through emails from clients/customers, partners, and even your own team members to uncover questions, issues, or topics that may need to be addressed. 

When it comes to customer emails, look to see if there’s a common thread between questions you get asked or issues raised. Is something unclear about your product or service? Do users keep running into the same issues? Is there a feature that several people are asking for? Use these things to inform your content marketing (and product development!). Not only does this help with content creation, but you now also have a uniform set of responses you can direct people to if the question/issue is raised again. 

3. Sales Calls

Sales calls are chock full of valuable information about what your target audience thinks, feels, and wants to know. Join your sales team the next time they take a prospect call or do a demo and keep an ear out for how the prospect responds, what types of questions they ask, and how they convey pain points. Pay special attention to the words they use to describe these things (e.g. are they using jargon/buzzwords or their own words to describe things?). You can replicate their own words to attract people like them to your content. 

You can also partner with sales to conduct a mini-survey. You might consider asking questions like: 

  • How did you find out about us?
  • Why were you searching for a company like us?
  • What is your biggest pain point?
  • What are you trying to solve?
  • Have you tried other solutions (past or current) to solve the problem? How did that work?

Addressing pain points can be a way to generate several different pieces of content, depending on how the information is best conveyed and how your audience prefers to consume content. 

4. Customer service

Your customer support team holds the keys to the content idea kingdom. They are in regular contact with clients and are the front lines to customer issues that arise. Even if your company uses a chatbot, you should be able to have interactions emailed directly to your inbox. This is a great way to capture questions that can be turned into content, used to inform product pages, or reworked into FAQs. 

5. Your Existing Content

Don’t forget to leverage the content you already have. Take a look at which of your blog posts are the best-performing and consider how you might reformat those pieces into other types of content (infographics, videos, etc.) or how you might re-spin those topics into adjacent, relevant topics that would also appeal to your audience. 

You can also use customer feedback via blog comments, email newsletter replies, webinar questions, or other feedback mechanisms to inform fintech content ideas for the future. Even live or virtual events can hold clues to content your audience may be hungry for. Be sure to take note of any questions you get or even positive feedback you receive regularly. Each of these has the potential to morph into meaningful content for your audience. 

Generating an endless list of fintech content ideas can be daunting at first, but chances are you are overlooking at least one of the secret hiding spots above. Tap into these low-hanging fruit options to supply an ongoing stream of content ideas to keep your content marketing fresh, relevant, and audience-centric. 

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