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Are you struggling to keep track of all of your social posts and campaigns? Download the social media dashboard to get organized

social media dashboard

This tool is perfect for thought leaders and businesses that have a lot of events to track and promote via social media. Never forget about a key event again! It also provides tabs for logging your social updates in a format consistent with the HootSuite bulk uploader for easy publishing!

Download our FREE Social Media Dashboard with key features:

  • Dashboard organized by month and week so you can track and promote important events for the entire year.
  • Theme/campaign goals to organize each month and maximize your social efforts
  • Ability to track weekly social posts and easily coordinate with clients and team members
  • Each week links to the tab containing corresponding social updates.
  • If that week’s updates are still in draft, “Ready?” should be set to “N”
  • Simply change “N” to “Y” when weekly posts are ready and the row turns to green so your colleagues know to review

The Social Media Dashboard helps you:

  • Create powerful campaigns that are organized by theme & campaign goals
  • Easily coordinate with team members and clients
  • Promote key events, messages, and content pieces to your social audiences
  • If you’re new to social media marketing or just trying to streamline your process, using a social media dashboard can help you get organized and become more effective. Fill out the form to get an easy-to-use template you can share with your team today!

Enter your name and email in the form to the right and click the link that appears after you submit. Make a copy of the sheet in your drive and you’re all set!

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