The Fintech’s Guide to B2B Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Last Updated on August 2, 2023 by Nikhil

When it comes to marketing, which channels you use is a big consideration. Which are you currently using? Are you using them in the best way possible? Have you considered other channels?

These are critical questions to ask yourself. Many times, fintech marketers come to the table with preconceived notions about which channels are best for what. In reality, different channels have their strengths and weaknesses. 

LinkedIn is one of the most popular channels used in the B2B fintech space. Many of our clients create and promote LinkedIn fintech content to reach their target audience, spur conversation and engagement, and ultimately, convert those people. 

LinkedIn fintech content can go a long way in helping you reach your content marketing goals. It’s important to understand the best ways to use this channel, so we’ve mapped out some tips for you to consider. 

Understand the “Why” Behind Your Content

It’s easy to think that waving a wand and creating a ton of LinkedIn fintech content will move the needle in your content marketing…but it won’t. Without a strategy in place – a strategy with a solid ‘why’ – you’ll be dead in the water. 

Understand your primary goals for publishing LinkedIn fintech content. Is it to drive awareness of your brand or service? Is it to connect with your audience and foster engagement? Is it simply to advertise? Figure out your purpose for publishing on this channel so you can determine which tactics will be most successful. 

If your goal is to drive awareness, for example, you may consider publishing articles about trending topics within the fintech space. If, on the other hand, you aim to spur conversation amongst your followers, you may try to post interesting infographics or videos that get people talking. 

Avoid Sales Speak

I know it can be tempting to go into sales mode when creating content, but LinkedIn is not the place to do it. Have you been on the receiving end of unsolicited sales pitches on LinkedIn? Have you seen promoted content in you inbox that is not even relevant to you or your business?

That is how you come across when you don’t tailor your LinkedIn fintech content for your audience – and when you lean into sales mode a little too heavily. 

A soft touch is best. When you compose helpful, value-added content on LinkedIn, you can earn the trust of your target audience and build your credibility. Instead of turning people off from you and your messages, you’re turning them on to the brand and the insights you offer. LinkedIn is also a great place to provide a sense of what your organization is about, including your mission, philosophy, and history. 

Aim to solve your audience’s problems, provide information they may not have access to, or simply entertain them. Any of those goals are a good way to grow awareness of your organization and win the good favor of your audience. 

Do Competitive Research

Creating LinkedIn fintech content is just like any other content creation in that you should have a solid grasp of what your competitors are doing to properly strategize. Take a glance at your competitors’ LinkedIn company pages to see the types of articles they’re publishing and which posts they’re promoting. 

Your audience knows they have choices. They’re doing their own research and have probably looked at several of your competitors. While you may not mention your competitors by name in your content, it can be self-aware and valuable to speak to their solutions generally in the context of how your solution is different. 

It’s also helpful to understand how your competitors are tackling content – and what you can do to stand out. Identify topics they aren’t covering where you can offer valuable insights. Consider a unique perspective that you offer that no one else does. These are the things your audience will remember when it comes time to make a decision. 

Be You

Creating LinkedIn fintech content is not unlike any other content creation. Do your homework, study your competitors, add value, and write to your target audience. Most importantly, be you. Embrace your brand tone and voice – or, if you’re writing from your own account – embrace your unique writing style and tone. 

Remember, your audience is made up of people. They want to hear from other people, not a stuffy brand that seems detached from their wants and needs. Be confident and authoritative, but be human. Offer your perspective, honestly and with an understanding that your primary goal is to help your buyers get the information they need.

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