Recipe for Credibility: Using Content to Win B2B Fintech Clients

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Credibility and relationship-building are key to win B2B fintech clients — and retain them. While there is a certain amount of credibility built by the performance of your product or solution, the truth is that trust and credibility building begins long before a customer even knows who you are. 

Content marketing can be not only a way to build trust; content can be used to win B2B fintech clients. Here’s the catch: it takes time. Building trust and credibility is complex and ongoing. So is maintaining it. 

But credibility is a sticking point for fintechs. It’s required to get people over the hump and make a purchase. See, fintechs that serve other businesses face a compound problem. B2B organizations already face an uphill battle in getting buyers over the risk hurdle. Beyond that, fintechs face their own unique set of challenges:  

  • Fintech startups have not yet established brand recognition (Credibility)
  • It’s also hard to convince potential buyers to adopt an unfamiliar or unpredictable product/solution (Trust)
  • And Innovative solutions require buyer education – sometimes your prospects have been settling for a workaround or poor substitute for so long that they don’t realize an alternative is possible (Education)

These are all challenges that can be overcome – and content can play a role in doing that. Below are some ways to build and maintain credibility – and win B2B fintech clients.

Tell Stories to Win B2B Fintech Clients

Telling stories is a tremendous way to foster emotional connection and build credibility, bridging the gaps needed to win B2B fintech clients. 

Tell informative stories that show how to resolve your target audience’s biggest problems. Be authentic in the stories you tell to build trust while communicating the business value effectively. Memorable stories simplify complex concepts and help buyers wrap their minds more easily around innovative solutions that they have never seen before.

Stories are an engaging, interesting way to educate and build trust and credibility with your audience. They can also help influence the people who influence your buyers, including purchasing committees and other stakeholders. 

Focus on Education

One of the ways to build credibility is to be helpful, and educating your audience on important issues via content is one way to do that. Create thought leadership that includes information based on trends and keen insights into those trends – along with your company’s unique perspective. 

The more interesting, the better. The internet is overwhelmed with noisy content. Only the best and most interesting will cut through. Find novel ways to get your point across, whether through visual infographics, fun videos, or humorous articles. Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your content. You’re speaking to people, after all. 

Commit to the Long Haul

Neither content nor relationships are “one and done” or “set it and forget it.” They both require an ongoing effort – but that effort can pay off big and help you win B2B fintech clients. It can be tempting to create a large volume of content just to “put it out there,” but throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks is not an effective strategy. 

Instead, focus on how you can build a relationship with your audience through content, from awareness to consideration to decision-making. Put yourself in their shoes to think about what would be most helpful at each stage in the journey and create content accordingly. Better yet, ask your audience what they want and need, then create content personalized to their needs. 

You can start fostering trust and credibility from the start if you have a content strategy that aims to meet the needs of your audience above all else. That trust and credibility will continue to build until it snowballs into a sale. The key is to trust the process – and continue to feed it. 

Use Proof Points to Win B2B Fintech Clients

Humans love proof, and there’s no better proof of how well your product or service works than other people singing your praises. Leaning on case studies and testimonials is a great way to build trust and credibility with your audience. Not only does it provide feedback from your prospects’ peers, but it can also spell out in straightforward terms exactly how your product or service works. 

Case studies and testimonials are one of the strongest ways to bolster your credibility and they also happen to be the most engaged-with pieces of content, especially within fintech and financial services. These tools can be used to tell meaningful stories about who you are, what you do, and why your audience should care. 

Leveraging content to build trust and credibility can go a long way – and it can help you win B2B fintech clients. Don’t underestimate the power of good storytelling. Commit to the time and effort it will take to build relationships with your audience and determine how content can play a leading role in fostering connections with the people you’re trying to sell to. With the right strategy and an ounce of creativity, you’ll position your company at the top of the pack when it’s time for your audience to buy. 

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