The Ultimate Guide to B2B Fintech Copywriter Nirvana

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You have probably stumbled across this blog for one of two reasons: 1) you’re a B2B fintech copywriter looking to improve your writing, or 2) you’re a fintech that’s looking for awesome B2B fintech copywriters and probably not having much luck. 

Good news on both fronts: we’re here to help. We’re going to walk through the elements of killer B2B fintech copywriting so you can apply it to your own craft or use it to evaluate potential copywriters for your brand. Ready? Cool. 

1. Great B2B Fintech Copywriters Know Their Subject Matter

One of the biggest reasons B2B fintech copywriters fail (and fintechs in search of great writers fail to find them) is because they do not know their subject matter. The B2B fintech space is not for the faint of heart. First of all, “fintech” is a giant umbrella that covers things like insurtech, regtech, and paytech. A thorough understanding of what you’re writing about is table stakes to produce interesting, compelling content. 

Not an expert? Start reading. There are plenty of online fintech publications out there along with groups, incubators, and organizations that focus on fintech. If you’re a writer, get involved and start learning. 

If you’re a fintech brand, it can be hard to vet writers. Oftentimes, people can point to strong writing examples (“Look, I was published in Forbes!”) that aren’t necessarily relevant. We often find the best first step in working with a new writer is to ask them to complete a paid test article. This allows both parties to try out working together without any obligation. It also gives you a sense — as Head of Content or VP of Marketing or CEO — whether or not this writer has the fintech chops to make your content really sing. 

2. Brands that Commit to Content Get the Best B2B Fintech Copywriters

This one is for the fintechs who feel like they can’t find good fintech copywriters no matter how hard they look. Take a step back and evaluate whether or not you have committed to content within your organization.

Sometimes the problem isn’t the copywriter. Sometimes the problem is that the copywriter hasn’t been given the necessary context, background information and materials, or guidance to do their job well. 

Organizations that have committed to optimizing their content marketing program begin by looking at ways to improve each part of it from the bottom up. One way to help your creative team produce their best work is by putting together creative briefs for each piece of content you want to produce. 

A content brief summarizes what the piece is about in a few sentences or a short outline. It may also include the audience persona, target keyword, concepts to include, things to avoid, and other directions for copywriters and designers. 

It may not seem like much but a content brief does two things: 1) it shows your creatives that you have their back and want them to do well, and 2) it gives your B2B fintech copywriters the tools and tips they need to produce great content. Really, why wouldn’t you do it?

3. Excellent B2B Fintech Copywriters Are Good Listeners

This one is for the writers. Half of great writing is being a good listener. You might have graduated at the top of your class in English studies or another communications-oriented field, but if you can’t take in information, you won’t write strong content. 

One of the reasons listening is important is because it helps you identify quirks and connections that can enhance the content you produce. The best copywriters (and marketers) churn out great content because they’ve taken the time to listen and truly understand their audience and the nuances around what that audience wants and needs. 

Interviewing can be a major component of content creation, so if you aren’t a good listener, you’re not going to be able to maximize these opportunities. Your audience almost always tells you everything you need to know about how to engage them. The biggest variable is whether or not you’re paying attention — and delivering the things for which they ask. 

4. Compelling B2B Fintech Copywriting Cuts to the Chase

This applies to both writers and their clients. Know when to cut. For writers, this means avoiding superfluous words and phrases (like the word superfluous). Strive for brevity. Convey the necessary information as quickly and succinctly as possible. 

For fintechs, this means trusting good copywriters with what they know how to do. Any writer worth their weight in gold knows how to cut. While you may think that every single bullet point about your amazing brand is critical, good copywriters know better. Trust that they will position your brand — and your content — in the best way possible while also making it easy on the eyes of your readers. 

If you’re looking for B2B fintech copywriter nirvana, consider the four elements above. Whether you are a copywriter or you’re looking for solid talent, these factors can make or break your content. If you’re a fintech company that seems to be running in circles trying to find good talent, consider reaching out for a free consultation

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