Transforming Dry Tech Content into a Fun, Easy Read

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We truly live in a swiping society. Everything from ordering food, reading, watching videos, and dating involves a swipe. So how do you avoid a “swipe left” on your brand? Make sure to create a narrative that is easy to follow but fun to read. Engaging content requires you to understand how to appeal to your audience. Whether creating content or a dating profile, you need to establish what will pull your readers in and what will make your readers stay.

In this article, we’ll discuss three key elements companies can implement now to make their tech content fun and easy to read.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

To continue the dating profile parallel, no one posts a dating profile without photos, so why would you do that to your content? In any event, putting your best foot forward means including visuals that will attract your intended audience. Relevant images do two things for your content:

1.      Images create a visual narrative that enhances your written content, and

2.      Images draw the reader in by appealing to their visual propensities

A picture strikes people before they ever tune into the content of your blog, white paper, or article – it is the first means of communication to your desired audience. If you meet them with a boring picture with dull colors, they’ll continue scrolling until they find an image that jumps out at them.

Key Point: Consider creating a collage of images that visually represent your brand. Tap different stock photo websites and libraries to collect fun, colorful images that communicate to your audience while adding some flavor to your tech content.

Not What You Say, But How You Say It

Sometimes, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Just like a dating profile, your tech content should be structured in a way that draws the reader in and persuades her to read more. One way to do this is to develop a theme that overarches the main points of your content. 

Better yet, build your content into a story that leverages emotion, humor, and maybe even a little edge to keep readers engaged. Don’t shy away from leveraging some critical soft skills that could enhance your content and make it more enjoyable for your audience.  

Tech content is often viewed as dry and boring — and sometimes, that’s true. While the information you are trying to convey may be factual and data-driven, that doesn’t mean you have to pass it along in a dry manner. Customer stories — whether via case studies or other content — can be very compelling ways to highlight important information in a relevant, engaging manner. 

Yes, B2B means businesses selling to other businesses. But don’t forget that there are people behind both of those businesses. People buy from people they like….but they need to know who those people are and how they think first. Use your tech content as a mode for transmitting that information in an interesting way. 

Key Point: Remove self-imposed boundaries and limits to your tech content. Brainstorm ways to convey information in a creative way. Structure your content in a way that attracts the right audience, appeals to their human emotions, and leaves an impression.  

Make it Actionable

The goal of your tech content should be to compel action from your audience. Key metrics (e.g. web traffic, avg. time on page, email open rates, CTRs, etc.) can provide you with information on how actionable your content truly is. 

One way to improve those metrics is to ensure that your audience is receiving enough value from your tech content to warrant action. To do this, you need to evaluate what your audience wants and needs — and whether your content is meeting those needs.

Another way to make content actionable is to add personalization. While B2B tech marketing can be complex, your content and messaging shouldn’t be. A messaging matrix can help you find key ways to build relationships with different segments of your audience.

Key Point: Content is actionable when it truly appeals to your key audience. Regularly evaluating KPIs and making improvements accordingly can improve your content. Leveraging audience personas and messaging matrices can help you personalize content in a way that compels each segment of your audience to invest and take action. 

B2B tech content doesn’t have to be boring. Arguably, tech content can be some of the most engaging content available — when it meets the audience’s needs. Leveraging storytelling (and maybe even some dating profile best practices) can ensure that your content is meaningful and entertaining. 

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