5 Necessary Fintech Content Marketing Skills for 2023

Believe it or not, we’re approaching the end of Q1. If you haven’t already audited your content and skill sets, now is as good a time as any. Excelling in this industry requires specific fintech content marketing skills – and many are outside of the box. 

You probably know the basics, and we’ve covered them extensively on this blog: 

These are the basics you should carry with you into all content marketing endeavors. But to be truly successful as a fintech content marketer, consider the following skills that will take your results to the next level. 

1. Thinking on Your Feet

This is broadly applicable to be successful in just about anything you do, but it’s a requirement for fintech content marketing. Gone are the days when you could follow a cut-and-dried content marketing strategy and be successful. Cutting through the noise in today’s internet requires checking all the technical boxes while also capturing the attention of an overstimulated audience. 

Pivoting, switching things up, and responding to customer preferences in real time is the only way to survive in such a competitive market. Planning is essential, to be sure; however, if you aren’t able to step outside of those plans to accommodate your audience from time to time, you will miss the mark. And while it might seem counterintuitive, the best-laid plans will allow for this flexibility. Build breathing room into content calendars and ensure that your resources aren’t stretched so thin that there’s no room to jump in and seize opportunities that present themselves throughout the year.

2.  Mastering SEO

Despite any whispers to the contrary, SEO is just as important as ever. While SEO tactics should never, ever trump content creation geared toward audience needs, they should serve as a foundation for your content. The growing role of machine learning, AI, and the Google algorithm is top of mind for practitioners this year, according to Search Engine Journal.

On top of that, many SEOs are working with limited resources. The Search Engine Journal report notes that lack of resources was the top challenge faced by SEOs last year. No doubt, budget cuts and mass layoffs across fintech marketing departments have stretched resources thin. More than 40% of respondents said they worked with a maximum team of 10 and 5% worked solo

Continue prioritizing SEO within your fintech content marketing skill set for 2023. Staying a step ahead of the competition requires a solid foundation in the basics, including SEO. 

3. Focusing on the Big Story

Storytelling continues to be one of the most important fintech content marketing skills in 2023. People relate to stories. Your decision-makers relate to stories. What people don’t relate or connect to is a dry sales sheet about your product. Yes, those things are important. But a focus on the bigger story is critical. 

Whether you’re creating in-house content or aiming to get placement in a media publication, you must key into the key issues that are striking a chord with your audience. For fintechs, this could range from financial literacy and well-being to the state of the economy. 

4. Have Thoughts – Original Ones

The importance of fintech thought leadership cannot be overstated. To create impactful thought leadership, you need to be willing to hold an opinion – sometimes an unpopular one – and make some noise about it. These are the things that draw an audience in, even if they disagree. You don’t have to be outrageously controversial (though if you are and can make a compelling case, by all means…), but even a little contention can be good to garner attention. 

Not only can thought leadership drum up more attention, but it can also build trust and credibility with your audience – and earn their respect. It takes gumption to create great thought leadership, and this can go a long way in terms of social currency. Don’t be afraid to offer your perspective on current events in the industry or offer ideas that are completely outside of the box. 

5. Pave a Two-Way Street

Conversing in a meaningful, responsive way is one of the most important fintech content marketing skills in 2023. That means turning your content marketing operation into a two-way street where you communicate with your audience – and allow them to speak to you, too. Content marketing should be interactive and personalized. 

Consider improving email communications with your audience to be more tailored to their needs. Dynamic content that speaks to their top questions and concerns can go far to keep people engaged and interested. Staying on top of social channels and interacting with people can add personality and humanize your brand. 

Improve Fintech Content Marketing Skills for a Better 2023

Honing your fintech content marketing skills in 2023 is a worthy goal. Aim to be different. Let creativity and your audience’s needs drive your efforts. Stay the course. And remember – connection is key. Find ways to foster relationships with your audience in meaningful ways. 

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