Content for Payments

Specialized Content for Payments and FinTech

content for paymentsContent marketing has been proven to be highly effective in achieving business goals and generating leads for B2B companies. According to the 2016 Content Preferences Survey Report, over half (51%) of B2B buyers use content to research buying decisions. Despite this, many payments companies are behind the curve when it comes to producing quality content for their target audiences. In dealing with fast-paced innovative technologies and the highly technical and jargon-laden aspects of the industry, it can be difficult to create effective content for payments. It’s not surprising many payments companies find it difficult to market themselves in a merchant-minded manner.

The irony is that creating compelling content for payments companies can be extremely impactful in driving awareness, encouraging engagement and ultimately, generating new leads. In an industry dominated by rapidly evolving technology, the clear articulation of benefits and merchant “wins” can really boost the bottom line. We’ve worked with industry leaders from payments processors and top payments consultants to fraud and chargeback solution providers. We’ve helped elevate the brand stories for these companies through research-backed thought leadership, data-driven white papers and ebooks, compelling case studies and innovative digital marketing campaigns that put great content in front of the right audience at the right time.

Do you have the content it takes to make your story stand out or will you simply get lost in the noise? Contact us to see how we can elevate your story above the competition.