Content Growth Hacks for Fintech Startups Part I: The Formula

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Whether you’re a fintech giant or brand new startup, growth hacking is a great way to increase revenue. It’s an especially appealing tool for fintech startups that may be slightly hamstrung by budget and lack the internal resources to have a powerhouse marketing team. While we don’t doubt the influence or talent of a sole in-house strategist, we do understand the struggle.

Growth hacking applies to just about every facet of marketing and sales with the same objective across everything: grow fast, acquire a ton of new users, and boost revenue. We’re going to hone in on some specific ways to apply growth hacks to content for fintech startups. Why? Because content and content marketing are invaluable tools for this industry, and specifically for startups looking to build trust and credibility.

So let’s get started.

Content Growth Hacks for Fintech Startups

When it comes to calculating revenue from organic search, it’s as simple as basic math. In short, your revenue from organic search equals how much traffic your site gets multiplied by your sales conversion rate multiplied by the average order value. Based on that definition, we have to go one level deeper to figure out what traffic is. Traffic equals search impressions multiplied by click-through rate.

Quick breakdown:

Traffic x Sales Conversion Rates x Average Order Value = REVENUE (from organic)


Traffic = Search Impressions x Click-Through Rate

Cool. From there, we have several different ways to increase sales from unpaid (organic) search:

  • Increase search impressions
  • Improve click-through rate
  • Improve sales conversion rate
  • Improve average order value

What does that mean? In other words, how do we do that? Several ways:

  • Increase search impressions
    • Create more content. More content = more pages indexed = greater # of impressions
  • Improve click-through rate
    • Optimize search snippets (meta descriptions) and titles to compel clicks on your content in SERPs
  • Improve sales conversion rate
    • Create highly-actionable landing pages that are also optimized for search, streamlining the path from impression to click-through to sale
  • Improve average order value
    • Optimize content for high-ticket audience personas (buyer personas)

Boost Organic Impressions with Blog Posts

Based on the math above, your first option is to boost search impressions by creating more content. Maintaining a blog that you regularly publish to is a great way to do this. Not only does it help position your brand as a thought leader that keeps a finger on the pulse of the fintech industry, but it helps SEO. As we mentioned in our Fintech Marketing Strategy series, content is at the heart of SEO and subsequently, at the heart of getting seen more in search engine results. This is especially important for fintech startups and disruptors who may actually be driving search lexicon. Do your keyword research (free help here) and build a plan. Put everything into a content organizer to get organized (free template here).

Don’t forget about alternative media formats, either. Fintech startups may find it’s hard to boil down complex technological and financial terms into simple information that is understood by the target audience. Video is a great tool to overcome the jargon roadblock and really connect with your audience. According to research, by 2019, more than 80% of web traffic will be from video content. Video content is easy to understand and it is interesting. Experiment with different types of videos to provide free value to your audience and start building trust:

  • Vlogs—A vlog is an interesting alternative to writing a blog post. Consider doing a conversational video or whiteboard video that explains industry news or a specific topic relevant to your product or service.
  • Explainers—These are exactly as they sound: a great way to explain your fintech products and services. The visual element can help capture a viewer’s interest and perhaps make it easier to understand the concept being explained.  
  • How-To videos—These are similar to explainers but are specifically geared toward a task or action, whereas explainer videos may be more focused on a concept. This option could be good to teach your audience how to use your products or services.

Improve CTR with the Click of a Button

The best content marketing for fintech startups is based around a data-driven strategy. That means you should have mapped out your goals and objectives already. If SEO wasn’t a part of your initial goal-setting and strategy process, it should be now. Hope back to the previous section to grab our keyword research checklist and start building out your core keywords. These will be an important part of improving organic results. Make sure you have mapped your core keywords back to the key pages on your site. Blog posts may focus on long-tail keywords.

Once your mapping is complete, you’ll need to be sure that your keywords are present not only in the copy for each of those pages, but in the title tags and meta descriptions as well. It’s a bit of an art and a science to optimize these: you want to include the keywords but you also want to make the information highly compelling so that people actually click.

Jamming in high-value keywords only gets you so far, and frankly, is completely useless if people aren’t actually clicking. You may even want to a/b test some titles to see what gets the most click-throughs and apply the findings to the rest of your site/blog. Some ideas for great SEO titles:

  • Tap into the human elements of awe, humor, anger, intrigue, empathy, or surprise
  • Format titles as a question
  • Start with “How to…”
  • Start with “Top X Ways/Predictions/Hacks…”

Keywords are important, but connecting with an audience is, too.

These are both strategic, tried, and true ways to improve ROI on content marketing and move the needle for fintech startups. In Part II, we’ll cover off on optimizing landing pages for better conversions and making sure you’re targeting not only the right people, but the best people, for the best results. Stay tuned for more great content growth hacks for fintech startups. 

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