Four Ways to Improve B2B Fintech Content Marketing In 2023

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What will your New Year’s resolution be? Our advice for you fintechs is to direct some attention toward revamping the bread-and-butter of your self-promotion strategy. In other words, the new year is the perfect time to improve your B2B fintech content marketing game.

So in addition to that new gym membership or trying out that painting class, learn some fresh content-creation skills. Your bottom line will thank you. We’ll help you get started with these four ways to kick content marketing up a notch in 2023. 

1. Have an Identity Crisis

Ok, “crisis” might be a bit strong, but the new year is a good time for a little self-evaluation. Even if you’re a fintech company that’s been around for many years – and perhaps especially if that’s the case – you’re never too old to change for the better. But you won’t know what needs tweaking if you don’t take a little internal inventory. So ask yourself these questions:

  • What problem does my company solve for its target audience?
  • What sets my company’s solution apart from other businesses in my space?
  • Is my company adequately and accurately presenting the answers to the above two questions to its target audience?

Your responses to these questions are the nuts and bolts of your own successful brand positioning and will determine the direction of your content marketing. As such, you’ll be more effective at self-promotion and earn loyal clients and partners. 

2. Be Omnipresent

Once you figure out who you are, you need to make sure you are who you are across all your channels. From your LinkedIn posts to your website design to the articles on your blog to your podcast guests (etc.), it’s crucial your brand is cohesive wherever your audience encounters it. This holistic strategy will ensure no touchpoint for your company is siloed, providing a streamlined experience of your product or services for current and potential clients.

One easy way to achieve omnichannel content production is to craft longer pieces that can then be sliced and diced into shorter derivatives and published across your various platforms. You might even try transforming existing content into various forms of media like we talked about in our piece on repurposing fintech webinars. This omnichannel strategy also means you’re more likely to place the right content in front of the right audience in the right place at the right time, allowing you to connect more deeply with your target audience and improve your overall B2B fintech content marketing. 

3. Up Your Content’s IQ

Of course, you won’t be able to put the right content in front of the right audience if you don’t know what the right content is. So you have to figure out the types of content your audience enjoys and where they go to find that content. If you have audience personas, you’re already a step ahead. If you don’t, you can uncover a lot of that information by building a solid audience persona.  The goal here is to surface insights that reveal meaningful, actionable next steps you can take to craft even more intelligent content.

Another critical thing to look at is how previously published content is performing. Which pieces are performing well and why do you think that is? Google Analytics, social analytics, and other analytics and reporting tools can help you understand which content on which channels is hitting and which content may need to be revisited. 

4. Temper SEO With Common Sense

SEO is a crucial component to successful content marketing. But many B2B content marketers don’t use common sense when deploying their SEO strategy. In other words, they rely on SEO as their sole content strategy rather than creating content tailored to their target audience. Yes, it’s important to follow SEO best practices, but not at the expense of losing effective messaging.  

Understanding the types of content your target audience appreciates should be the primary criteria for the content you create, enhanced by SEO best practices – not the other way around. So be a thought leader in your space and you’ll find your content resonates that much more soundly with your audience.

This New Year’s, give your content as much of a reboot as your workout routine. While you’re cutting those carbs, craft that content wisely and you’re sure to improve your B2B fintech content marketing in 2023. 

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