How to Find the Absolute Best B2B Fintech Copywriters

Finding good copywriters can be a challenge in any industry, but a good marketing department understands the importance of having access to great copywriters. In B2B, this becomes even more critical. Not only is organic traffic and clicks important, but presenting your brand as a market and thought leader can impact business growth. 

Content and copy aren’t just fluff; great fintech content can position your business as a trusted resource, making you the go-to option for decision-makers. B2B fintech copywriting must be persuasive, relevant, informative, interesting, and timely. Finding writers who can rise to the challenge and break down often complex processes, technology, and systems into engaging stories is a tall order. If you’re currently looking for the best B2B fintech copywriters, read on to find some tips on where to look.

Get Referrals

The best place to find great B2B fintech copywriters is by asking colleagues, vendors, and other partners who may have an in on writing talent. Just as with filling any other position, hiring from referrals is a great way to improve the quality of your candidate pool and improve retention rates. It can also reduce hiring costs. 

To get the most relevant referrals, write out what you need in a B2B fintech copywriter. This might include writing experience, specific writing samples, educational background, or any other specifications that will connect you with a writer that is most likely to excel in producing content for your needs. This document can also be posted on job boards to encourage qualified applicants to reach out directly to you.

Tap Online Fintech Blogs & Publications

If you’re looking for strong B2B fintech copywriters, consider looking at sites where they may already be active. Many freelance writers contribute to online blogs and publications. Visit the fintech sites that you already consult for news and information to see if you can find the names of writers. 

While some publications may hire full-time staff writers, others rely on a pool of freelancers to contribute news and stories. Most publications have writer bio pages that may include contact information. Reach out via email or a message through social media platforms to see if your preferred writer is available for freelance work. 

Work With a Niche Agency or Content Provider

In 2021, many marketing and advertising agencies are focusing on niche markets, making it easier for businesses within those markets to partner with organizations that understand their industry. B2B fintech is no different. A quick google search for relevant content marketing agencies could reveal some viable options. 

Before reaching out to an agency, consider what your specific B2B fintech copywriting needs entail. If you are looking for help with a broader content marketing strategy, including earned and paid media and content distribution, a niche agency may be a good fit. If, on the other hand, you simply need someone to execute on an existing content strategy, you may want to consider working with one or two freelance B2B fintech copywriters. 

Ways to Not Find the Best B2B Fintech Copywriters

While some tried and true hiring methods may work for other positions, some can lead to dead ends when it comes to finding the best B2B fintech copywriters. As we mentioned earlier, B2B writing is complex and takes a special kind of talent. For this reason, hiring out to content mills can lead to bad results. 

While content mills are on the decline, there are still some organizations out there that claim to provide top-tier content marketing at super low rates. The catch is that these content mills tend to provide inconsistent talent and content that might be described as nothing more than clickbait. This type of superficial writing is not well-suited for B2B fintech organizations, which may end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars only to receive content that can never be used. 

What’s more, content produced by content mills is often prime for a penalty from Google, which will take action against poorly written content that only aims to “game” search engines. While pricing out B2B fintech copywriting options and going with the lowest bidder may seem appealing, you get what you pay for. Always consider the quality and reputation of any organization that you work with and budget accordingly. 

No matter which route you pursue in hiring your next B2B fintech copywriter, do your homework and get centered about what you really need. Documenting the type of content writing help you want can go a long way in ensuring that you hire someone well-suited to deliver. 

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