How to Use Fintech Content Marketing to Build Trust

Businesses at the top of their game all leverage fintech content marketing to build trust. Why is this? To support your fintech’s customer success, you have to earn potential customers’ trust. And content marketing is the ideal vehicle for earning that trust.

Good content marketing positions you as a subject matter expert in the space – an expert people trust. In other words, creating informative, high-quality content helps you establish yourself as a trusted authority. In turn, this gives you a leg up over competitors that do not offer valuable expertise. But using content marketing to support fintech customer success is not without challenges. Read on for our best tips to get started. 

Educate Prospective Customers

Fintech is a crowded space. Between the hundreds of thousands of applications of tech within the financial services industry and how quickly that tech evolves, customers may find their heads spinning faster than the colorful pinwheel loading their iPhone’s newest app.

So help those customers learn the landscape with carefully crafted, well-written content that articulates precisely how a given fintech solution can help solve a certain customer problem.

Whether you offer customer loyalty perks at the point of sale or a  digital payments platform that helps students pay for college, your content should educate prospective customers on the benefits fintech solutions provide. And it should do so in jargon-free, easy-to-understand language that demonstrates your in-depth knowledge of the specific tech and the industry at large. 

Promote Your Content to Grow Your Company’s Brand Awareness

Of course, all that fabulous content won’t be worth the Google doc it’s written on if no one sees it. So plaster it across your social channels, feature it on your website, and get creative with your promotional efforts. With large powerhouse brands dominating the ad space, smaller companies need to find ways to stand out sans the benefit of a large advertising budget.

Content marketing in the form of thought leadership pieces and earned media (more on that in a minute) can help small but growing fintech companies find a toehold in their own niche marketplace without needing to compete with the big dogs’ ads. What’s more, people trust homegrown content more than simple ads that flash across the screen.

Pillars of Fintech Content Marketing to Build Trust

The three primary types of content are a growing fintech’s best friend. Whether owned media, earned media, or lead-generating offers, you can use these three pillars of content marketing to educate potential customers and build trust in your brand.

Owned media content: This pillar is your bread and butter. You own and control all content in this bucket. Blog posts are the building blocks of your owned media castle, providing opportunities to gain eyes on your company via SEO. Because let’s face it, even the big dogs need to play Google’s algorithmic game. So create blog posts that form a web within your own site, linking to one another to encourage Google’s bots to crawl your page as a subject matter expert in the space. The more linked content, the more crawling, the more customers. And again, remember to use social media to promote this content to a broader audience.

Earned media content: This pillar can be especially important if you’re a young company that has yet to really establish itself as a subject matter expert in fintech. While self-promotion is a good thing, having others promote you is even better. Earned media can be very helpful in winning that ever-valuable credibility within the industry. Put yourself out there by placing bylined articles in relevant and trusted media sources. Use press releases to attract media mentions, and assert your authority in the industry by being a subject matter expert on fintech and marketing podcasts. Don’t forget to promote that earned media on your owned channels so you can double down on the authority it gives you in the industry.

Downloadable offers: This third pillar is technically owned media. But it’s distinguishable from blog posts and social media because it has a more direct impact on lead generation given its last-level location in the content awareness funnel (see this article to learn more about the funnel). Potential customers who engage with content you have to download in order to access tend to be more serious about considering your fintech company as the solution to their problems. And high-quality, valuable, downloadable content like white papers, reports, case studies, webinars, etc. exude expertise and trust, so are the perfect vehicle to help potential customers take the last step to loyal customer. 

Truly, regardless of your fintech company’s size, content marketing can help position you as a trustworthy subject matter expert in the industry. But especially for smaller, niche fintechs, the valuable content you offer potential customers will help them see you as the solution to their problems – and that is virtually priceless.

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