Fintech Marketing Trends: Why Great Content Can Power Explosive Growth for Fintech Companies

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fintech marketing trends

It’s not news that content has changed the way we conduct business, or that great content helps businesses of all sizes stand out and drive meaningful results. In looking at fintech marketing trends, content marketing should be at the top. From awareness to intent and consideration to decision, quality content marketing can get your story in front of the right eyes at the right time and positively impact sales.

As a growth hack tactic employed by many startups, content marketing has the power to truly move the needle for fintech companies willing to invest in a solid strategy and execution. As technology leaders in a realm that impacts the way people and businesses interact with money, fintechs have interesting, meaningful stories to tell. Harnessing that power will not only help those companies drive sales but impact the way the world looks at money.

The State of Fintech in 2017

Fintech is a booming industry, comprised of startups that are disrupting how people and businesses interact with traditional banking and financial institutions. In some minds, it may come off as a trendy industry meant to cater to millennials and their wishy-washy, yet picky financial preferences and behaviors. That’s only a sliver of the story.

B2C Fintech

On the B2C side, it is true that fintech caters to the technologically apt consumer who is comfortable conducting financial business online and on a mobile phone. What is missing from many stories is that this includes most consumers – not just trendy millennials. Everyone is a part of today’s digital age, where the focus is on convenience, easy access, and speed. The majority of people are using between one and three apps to manage their finances.

The results of this survey point to continued fintech growth: In 2016, 18 percent of people who reported they were not using online apps or sites for finances did say they agreed or somewhat agreed that they want to in the future. The survey also noted that a whopping majority of respondents (84 percent) reported feeling more in control of their finances when using new technology and apps for managing finances.

B2B Fintech

Lest B2C fintech steal the show, it’s important to note that B2B FinTech is on the rise. Fintech companies help businesses grow by providing scalable tools that can improve the bottom line. Businesses now have access to technological tools that can help them pay employees and vendors more seamlessly, manage omnichannel branded currency distribution and processing, and accept credit card payments online without the hassle of going through traditional merchant accounts.  

Content Marketing Has Industry-Agnostic Needle-Moving Abilities

Content marketing and high-quality content have grown in importance over the last several years. That’s because content impacts almost every other online strategy. Specifically, great content:

  • Boosts SEO by widening your online presence and increasing your domain authority.
  • Earns backlinks from other influencers and thought leaders who want to reference your work.
  • Provides material for social media channels and message amplification.
  • Can be used for lead generation and promoted through lead nurturing email campaigns.
  • Increases the impact of your landing and web pages by adding value.
  • Positions you and/or your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

The benefits to producing, sharing, promoting, and amplifying good content are numerous. And as B2B buyers continue to seek out valuable information (rather than rely on outbound sales activity) to solve their problems, great content is a necessity.

In its State of B2B Procurement Study, Accenture notes that 94% of B2B buyers report they do online research before purchasing a product for business and 55% are conducting research for at least half of corporate purchases. In short, prospects are hungry for information via quality content. So how does that impact fintech marketing trends?

Fintech Marketing Trends: Content Engines Power Big Wins for Fintechs

Ok, so we understand that both the fintech space and content marketing are growing and evolving. Where do they intersect, and why should they intersect?

Fintech impacts how the world works for both people and businesses. This is a unique position to be in, and it yields a captive audience on several different levels. Consumers want to understand how their day-to-day financial lives are changing, what to expect in the future, and how they can more easily manage their financial activity. Businesses want the same. Effective money management touches every industry, segment, consumer base, and audience. It’s important to everyone.

  • Content provides the guidance to prospective consumers and businesses as they evolve in their digital financial behaviors and preferences. These audiences want to understand the state of financial technology – how it can help, the risks, the rewards, the unknowns, and the “what-ifs”.
  • Content explains how different financial technologies will help businesses and consumers improve financial management and why that is important.
  • Content lays out the risks of new technology – honestly – so audiences can understand the tradeoffs and make informed decisions.
  • Content educates people and businesses on how fintech can make their financial lives easier, more convenient and more efficient.
  • Content sheds light on the unknown and puts baseless rumors, unfounded fears, and other uncertainty and insecurity to rest.
  • Content encourages collaboration, facilitating new partnerships and new technologies that can transmit the benefits of FinTech across categories – and create new ones.
  • Content answers questions in a compelling way – sometimes questions people and businesses don’t even realize they have.
  • Content solves problems by explaining pain points and helping the audience navigate through the solutions in an honest, objective, helpful way.

Content Helps FinTechs Connect With Their Target Audience(s)

Content drives connection between the creator and an audience. Content marketing is an educational and trust-building exercise that builds relationships and fosters connection with core audiences. This connection can drive meaningful business results. Specifically, content marketing leads to:

  • New and increased traffic – companies that blog and guest post on industry sites get the SEO benefit of greater exposure and more links, driving increased traffic to their sites. Considering 63% of marketers say their top challenge is generating traffic and leads, it’s a perfect fit for organizations looking to get in front of more eyes.
  • Better and more frequent conversions – Once people are on your site, high-quality content paired with an effective call-to-action can lead to increased conversions – and marketing qualified leads if you’ve optimized funnels on your site.
  • Your reputation as a trusted source of information – That may seem like a soft benefit, but data says otherwise: 39% of buyers said they relied on vendor-authored materials when making a purchase decision for business software (compared to 33% who relied on analyst reports and 19% who relied on a salesperson).

Great content is powerful. It’s on the same level as a media article or analyst report. What that means is that even companies with a lower profile and lower marketing budget can benefit from investing in the right kind of content. That’s great news for fintech startups strapped for cash, trying to secure funding, or generally hesitant about content marketing. Content is a proven way to make a big and lasting impact on potential customers, drive sales, and be a helpful voice in the midst of advertising noise.

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