[Infographic] Building a Fintech Marketing Plan Via the Art of Lead Generation

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Fintech Marketing Plan

An actionable fintech marketing plan is essential for startups who are increasingly under pressure to drive new leads and grow business. Adding to that pressure is the fact that competition is heating up. Established players and startups in the fintech space are battling for the limelight but both are also competing against the incumbent traditional banks and financial service systems.

Content marketing is an opportunity for fintech startups to connect with key audiences and stand apart from the pack. Finding a way to cut through the noise while educating prospects and customers is critical and requires some creative tactics. The infographic outlines some best practices for lead generation and ultimately, to drive new business.

Fintech Marketing Plan for Lead Generation

Use Video – Video can be a powerful storytelling & trust-building tool for fintechs to make an impact on prospects.

Keep the Blog Fresh – Your blog serves as the pulse of your company. If you’re not regularly updating your blog – or if you don’t have one – you look stagnant.

Build a Segmented Content Hub – A resource center that houses your blog, white papers, case studies, videos, ebooks, checklists, and more can be an effective way to engage with prospects and generate leads. Organize it in a way that caters to all of your audience segments.

Be a Thought Leader – Use your experience and passion to answer the most pressing questions of your target audience on a variety of media.

Customize your Message – Combine a deep understanding of highly regulated environments as well as technical proficiency and a marketing mind to speak to your audience.

Creating an effective fintech marketing plan doesn’t need to be rocket science. The same tried and true tactics that work across industries are applicable here. The key is to get started with a data-driven strategy and to build out your fintech marketing plan with the tools that make the most sense for your unique business.

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