The Fintech Content Marketing Playbook: Your Ultimate Guide to Growth

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What do you know about B2B fintech? 

Did a recent study of CFOs by Accenture find that nearly eight out of ten (79%) said the pandemic compelled a ramp-up of digital transformation?

Did you know that a Mastercard study of small businesses across North America reported that more than three quarters (76%) said the pandemic prompted a shift to more digitalization and 82% said they changed how their business sends and receive payments?

Or that Forbes predicts the number of public B2B fintechs will triple over the next decade, generating a surplus of $1T in total aggregate value?

It’s a tremendous time to be in the space, but the growth of this market also creates challenges for businesses. With fierce competition, the ability to stand apart becomes exponentially more difficult. 

This is where content marketing comes in. The trick? You have to do it right. 

An unfortunate 72% of marketers report their content marketing efforts are unsuccessful to only moderately successful. The pandemic also threw a wrench in things for many:  77% of B2B marketers report that their content strategy changed between pre-pandemic and now – and more than half (55%) said that change ranged from moderate to extreme.

Here’s the thing: without the right mentality, strategy, and will to execute, you won’t succeed. 

On the flip side, a solid content marketing foundation can yield endless results, especially considering the desire for B2B decision-makers to consumer content has eclipsed their desire to speak to salespeople:

  • More than half of B2B buyers (62%) said they engage with 3-7 pieces of content before connecting with a salesperson, and roughly one in ten (11%) said they typically consume more than seven pieces of content. 
  • Roughly half (51%) of B2B buyers said that research- and data-driven content was more memorable and more likely to trigger a sales call for them. 
  • Credibility matters: 41% of B2B buyers reported putting more emphasis on the trustworthiness of the source of content.

It’s a lot to consider and even more work to navigate the nuances of content marketing for B2B fintech. 

That’s why we created the ultimate B2B Fintech Content Marketing Playbook. 

This playbook outlines how to plan, set up, execute, and improve upon a differentiated content marketing strategy that you can scale over time. 

Fintech Content Marketing Playbook: What You Get

This 22-page guide includes the following: 

  • Why Content Marketing? – Not sure content marketing is for your fintech? This will highlight the reasons it is, with actual data and real insights. 
  • Quick Hit Guide to Content Marketing – Not interested in reading an entire 22-page ebook (even though it looks really cool and is easy to read)? No sweat. This one-page summary will provide you with the high-level points you need to get started on a comprehensive content marketing program. 
  • Goal Setting – Set your content marketing program up for success by…defining success. It sounds straightforward but there are a few things you want to consider when documenting objectives. 
  • Building Audience Personas – This is a critical step that often gets overlooked. Know your customer, inside and out, to create and deliver hard-hitting content that sates their knowledge, problem-solving, and entertainment needs. 
  • Differentiate – You’ve probably identified your unique value proposition, but what about your unique content value proposition? We’re here to help. 
  • Building a Roadmap – No one got anywhere good without a roadmap. We’ll walk you through the critical considerations to creating an editorial plan that makes sense for your unique business. 
  • Measure & Analyze – Once you get the foundation of your content marketing strategy set, it’s time to execute and measure. We look at what to measure, how to measure, and when to measure for optimal results. 
  • Do More With Less  – No content marketing strategy is complete without built-in efficiencies. We outline creative ideas to make the most of your content, whether you have a robust in-house team or are working within resource constraints. 

Download the FREE Fintech Content Marketing Playbook today!

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