Fintech Thought Leadership That Impacts Decision Makers

What is Fintech Thought Leadership? Fintech thought leadership taps into a company’s domain expertise to create content that adds value by presenting helpful information and/or solutions about and for pain points and problems their target audience has. Thought leadership can take the form of a video, white paper, ebook, article, Q&A, event, webinar, case study,[…]

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Thought Leadership: The Differentiator for Payments Companies in 2019

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing different fintech marketing and content marketing strategies on this blog, but I want to deep dive into payments. We’ve worked with a number of payments companies for the past several years and one thing is clear: the market is crowded. From payment processors to P2P payment apps to[…]

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What Is Corporate Storytelling & How It Can Enhance Your Strategy

Personal connection is a key part of business that often gets overlooked. Companies get stuck on facts, figures, bottom lines, price points and value propositions, and they forget to show any humanity. Since the best B2B relationships are deep and enduring, it’s a big missed opportunity. Perhaps the strongest way to elicit empathy and show[…]

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Is Content Marketing a Scam?

“Is Content Marketing A Scam?”– It’s a deafening headline for those who make their living by providing content strategy, development, and distribution. It’s also a valid question that actually came to the forefront of my brain last week after meeting with my accountant. This guy is possibly one of the best small business owners I’ve[…]