2024 Fintech Content Marketing Predictions

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Content is still king but the rules and the game have changed. AI and other technology have altered the landscape — and user preferences. With this evolution comes a renewed sense of direction for content marketing. As we approach 2024, the intersections of finance, technology, and content become ever more pronounced. This article outlines our big six fintech content marketing predictions for 2024, with a focus on how fintech companies approach content marketing to ensure their message remains relevant, engaging, and effective.

1. Content at Scale, Powered by AI

Past personalization methods were about broad categorizations—think Millennials vs. Gen Z, or SMBs vs. enterprise. That will change in 2024 as AI enables more sophisticated, tailored content production at scale. 

Advanced algorithms will evaluate individual user habits, decision-making patterns, and financial needs, crafting content meticulously designed for them. We’ve already seen some of this in 2023, including the launch and refinement of numerous AI content creation tools

Expect things to go further next year across every channel. For fintechs, this will lead to a deeper connection with users, enhancing trust and loyalty. It’s not merely about showing them the right products and solutions, but contextualizing those products within their business case narratives. Success will, of course, depend on the right strategic approach to leveraging AI

2. Mining for Digital Gold With Deep Dive Data Analysis

Fintechs are no strangers to the adage “data is the new oil.” But 2024 is not just about quantity—it’s about depth and clarity. Advanced AI tools will comb through layers of data, pinpointing patterns and correlations that were previously obscured. 

Smart fintechs will harness these micro-trends and anticipate market shifts, user needs, and potential challenges. Content will become a vehicle for guiding users through these insights, demystifying the complexities of the fintech products and solutions.

3. Agile Campaigns with Instant Adaptability

Static campaigns are old news. Fintech companies are on the cusp of embracing a world where marketing campaigns are dynamic and ever-evolving with user feedback and market fluctuations. 

This agility, driven by real-time AI analytics, ensures that fintech firms are always ahead of the curve, proactively addressing user concerns and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Every piece of content becomes a responsive tool, aligning seamlessly with the user’s evolving needs across the buyer’s journey.

4. Crafting Experiences With Visual Content

Grabbing – and holding – attention is the name of the game in B2B content marketing. Along with content at scale comes endless noise. Every fintech will be competing within that noise, fighting to stand out amongst competitors and others. 

Visual content has always been important. One of our fintech content marketing predictions is that in 2024, it will take on new significance. B2B fintechs that must convey complex technology can lean into video to explain complicated concepts succinctly while engaging audiences. In fact, it will be the preferred way to do so. 

Fintechs will increasingly find that millennial buyers are doing research via traditional channels – but also using YouTube and even TikTok to capture bite-size info. Visual media breaks down barriers and makes information more accessible, relatable, and, dare we say, exciting.

5. Focusing on Interactive Content to Boost User Engagement

Another one of our “old hat” fintech content marketing predictions is the prevalence of interactive content. No, it’s not new, but it will become increasingly popular in 2024. Static content still has its place, but buyers are starting to rely more on interactive tools and data. As AI makes it easier to comb through and make sense of large data sets, forward-thinking fintechs will use that information to engage prospective buyers. 

Interactive tools can be used to highlight different use cases and scenarios for buyers and even visualize different trajectories. These tools can be potent differentiators, enhancing user understanding and encouraging proactive decision-making. 

What’s more, it bolsters engagement in a huge way. Rather than “speaking to” your audience via static content, you can walk them through an interactive world that allows them to experience information. Not only does this ensure that information sticks, but it builds trust with your audience and fosters credibility and connection.  

6. Using Content as a Beacon of Trust

The digital financial ecosystem, while brimming with potential, has its pitfalls—data breaches, scams, and misinformation. As a result, fintech firms face the challenge of establishing and maintaining trust. Content will play a crucial role in this endeavor in 2024. From transparent communication about data usage to articles that debunk financial myths, content will be the bridge that fosters trust between fintechs and their users. It may not be the sexiest of fintech content marketing predictions, but it’s true. 

Fintech Content Marketing Predictions: New Year, New Growth

In many ways, 2024 is not terribly different than 2023: The key to success has always been to embrace the changes, harness new tools, and trust the process. Content marketing takes time, and some results come faster than others. 

Where 2024 *will* be different is the rate at which the change accelerates and fintech marketers must adapt. Those that stay the path and remain at the forefront of innovation will be best positioned to deliver the experiences and insights that audiences want and build trust. The future beckons with promise, and for fintech, the pen (or perhaps the keyboard) is mightier than ever.

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