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Chicago content marketing agency

This article may be a little off the usual beat, but summertime in Chicago is inspiring and I wanted to talk about something different. If you want to read about content marketing tips, tricks, and best practices–check out the rest of the articles on this blog. Today, however, let’s talk about how Chicago content marketing is off the chain.

Chicago is a city built on storytelling

From the story of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow (whose true guilt remains “cloudy and confusing”) and the Great Chicago Fire to setting the stage for Erik Larson’s Devil in the White City, Chicago is the perfect backdrop for a tale of any kind. This isn’t just applicable to old wives’ tales or famous non-fiction, either. The growing tech scene makes it ripe pickings for any Chicago content marketing agency.  The truth is, Chicago’s startup scene has been bourgeoning for years and many of these organizations – bleeding edge as they are – struggle to find their own narrative. It can be beneficial to work with a Chicago content marketing agency to set brand tone & voice, establish a corporate narrative, and create meaningful content that is effective enough to turn an audience into paying customers.

Have you seen the skyline?

I’m lucky enough to have this as one of my backdrops on a daily basis. When I’m feeling stuck or stagnant, I walk towards the buildings. They are breathtaking. They are grounding. They are inspiring. Not only are some of these mammoth buildings the places which many-a Chicago content marketing agency calls home, but they represent the strong sense of industry upon which Chicago was built. Sure, it’s sappy. But you can’t deny how amazingly Chicago – and the downtown area – has expanded over the years, thanks to good business sense, support from industry giants, and an impressive talent pool that spans every industry imaginable.

Chicago content marketing makes sense

We’re one of the bigger metropolitan areas in America. Quiet down, New Yorkers; we know you’re the Big Apple. But Chicago holds its own when it comes to being a big city with a laid back vibe. We’re filled with Midwestern spirit and a melting pot of migrants from other parts of the country. We’re rarely the setting for movies that take place in a bustling city, but when we are, people cheer. We’re the underdogs. We are creative. We are big city without the big city attitude. And this agility in personality translates to our creative lifeblood too. As the home to more than 600 creative agencies, we’re teeming with unique talent. We have transplants from L.A., New York, London, Paris, and Schaumburg (shout out to the ‘burbs). The point is, we’re a veritable melting pot of minds from all over the map and it shows in our creative output. You’d be hard-pressed to find a city that offers a little flavor from everywhere mixed with the chill vibe that Chicago has.

If you’re part of Chicago’s creative talent pool, you’re in good company. We at Content Rewired have been honored to work with the best of the best and have always been impressed with the creative spirit, unmatched work ethic, and unbridled drive that lives within the city limits.

If you’re in the tech space and looking for a Chicago content marketing agency, you’re in luck. There are plenty to choose from – each offering its own unique recipe and twist on great storytelling. We won’t even plug ourselves here (though if you’re interested in chatting, hit up our contact page, ::ahem::). We’re just really thrilled to be a part of this great Chicago content marketing scene where towering buildings – and great stories – are erected.

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