Fintech Content Marketing On a Budget? No Problem.

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If you are figuring out how to do fintech content marketing on a budget, know that you can succeed. We’ve put together some tactics that can help you do a lot with a little. 

Build Your Audience

Organic traffic can do wonders for your brand, but everyone has to start somewhere. Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply trying to grow your audience, these tips can work. Start by publishing articles to your blog regularly. Be sure your social media channels are activated so you can promote your content in various places. An editorial calendar can help guide what and when you publish and how you promote it. 

Remember to use SEO as a foundation. Do some basic keyword research to understand how your prospects search and what questions they ask. These are the questions you should aim to answer in the content you produce. Tweaking technical SEO on your site can offer a boost here, too. 

Fintech Content Marketing on a Budget Ideas:

  1. Publish a Q&A series where you interview thought leaders in your field (or even prospects). This type of content is easier to produce, adds value, and has a built-in promotion mechanism. The people you interview will likely be more than happy to share the finished product with their audience, too. 
  2. Repurpose a fintech webinar into multiple blog posts. You can use transcription services to easily turn video/audio into text. Tap a freelancer to organize and format the content and you have a fairly easy way to produce new content regularly. 
  3. Promote blog content on social channels and make it interactive. Add polls and surveys to get feedback from your audience. 

Make Scrappy Content

While large enterprises may have in-house video production teams, writers, and marketers galore, not everyone has deep resources to tap. Not to worry. No one said content has to be Warner Bros. quality. In fact, high-quality content is about substance, not necessarily pizazz. Fintech content marketing on a budget might require creativity, but it’s not impossible. 

Don’t overthink things. Be prepared to strike when the iron is hot. Maybe you just had a great call with a prospect who raised some interesting questions. Why not use your smartphone to create a short video that answers those questions? And while it’s funny to watch Michael Scott wax poetic into his voice recorder on The Office, maybe he was onto something. It’s not a bad idea to use some tool – whether a voice recorder or simply pen and paper – to record ideas when they hit. Those are things that can be whipped into blog posts, social updates, or short videos relatively easily. 


  1. See how email exchanges can be tweaked and turned into Q&A blogs or FAQs for your website. 
  2. Create short (30-second) videos based on the top questions or objections your sales team gets.
  3. Record a live demo (with permission) and use it as an on-demand demo for your website. 

Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of reusing content. Almost everything you create can be sliced and diced into at least one other piece of content. Webinars can be repurposed into shorter, standalone videos, blog posts, and infographics. Blog posts can be turned into FAQs and LinkedIn articles. This is where a content inventory/audit becomes extremely helpful. With a repository of all the content you’ve ever created and organized by topic/theme, you have an entire treasure trove of material that can be repurposed as needed. 

Don’t forget to update content regularly too. Reference your content audit to see which blog posts may need to be updated with more recent stats/data. The same goes for infographics. Keeping content fresh and relevant makes your audience – and Google – happy. 


  1. If you’ve created 3 or more blog posts on one topic, consider turning it into an ebook. Add infographics and a nice layout. This can be used as a lead generation tool on the website. 
  2. Reverse #1 and turn ebooks or white papers into a blog series. 
  3. Repurpose blog posts into short explainer videos. This could be animated or narrated by someone on the executive team and promoted on social channels. 

Embrace Authenticity

Fintech content marketing on a budget may make a bigger impact than you think. The key is to be authentic. One authentic blog post that speaks in a human voice can go a lot further than 10 blog posts written just for search engines. Yes, SEO is important. But search engines aren’t going to buy your product or service. Be sure the content you create speaks to your audience. 

Use a unique tone and voice. Add humor where appropriate. Don’t shy away from the truth and imperfections. It’s tempting to point all resources toward creating glossy brochures; however, stories are what draw people in. Authentic stories are what make people pay attention and want to learn more. Use that to your advantage.  

Content Marketing on a Budget is Possible

Doing fintech content marketing on a budget might pose challenges, but you can do it – and you can do it well. Get creative. Roll up your sleeves and step outside of your comfort zone. Suspend old ideas about what does and doesn’t make great content. Try something new. You just might surprise yourself (and your audience)!

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