The Best Fintech Content Marketing Examples [UPDATED!]

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fintech content marketing

As fintech continues its upward trajectory, startups and large enterprises alike are looking for ways to move the needle, increase customer acquisition, and drive awareness and demand around emerging financial technologies. Fintechs are in a unique position where they must walk the fine line between edginess to stand out in a sea of competitors and traditional principles that instill trust and confidence in businesses and consumers.

Content marketing has proven itself as a tried and true marketing strategy. It can accomplish all of those things and more. Content marketing is the missing link for fintechs looking to gain long-term traction and an advantage over “noisy” competitors. It is an essential component to a truly successful marketing and growth strategy. As leaders in the realm of personal and business finance, these fintechs have the ability to use content to drive sales and to significantly rewire the way the world manages money.

There are some great fintech content marketing examples in action from which to learn. Some fintech companies create strong content hubs and offer multi-media educational opportunities to prospective customers. Others use compelling infographics to help customers understand the benefits in a clear, straightforward manner. One thing they all have in common is a focus on the customer and a mission to provide informational, relevant, and useful content.


If you want to know what customer success stories done right looks like, take a gander at‘s case studies repository. Not only do they have a myriad of stories to choose from, but each is told like a true story — with a beginning, middle, and end. We learn about each customer’s struggles before working with, what drew them in, and the results of the partnership. These customer stories are featured in a visually appealing way and there’s a nice, centered CTA for people to “get in touch.” It’s the perfect presentation of storytelling that can drive action. fintech content marketing example 2

The broader resources section of the website is extraordinarily well organized. It features a number of articles across a range of topics, each easily searchable for users. The resources landing page also features a number of well-positioned CTAs so people can find stage-appropriate content no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey. This includes well-placed links to customer stories, CTAs for downloadable assets, and links to pertinent products. Overall, it’s an excellent fintech content marketing example to follow. fintech content marketing example

2. Plaid

Plaid uses a blend of customer Q&As, storytelling, problem-solving, and reports to drive awareness and engagement of its brand. This is elevated by the unique visual brand it has cultivated to add personality to content.

plaid fintech content marketing examples

Each article is written in the brand’s tone & voice, which happens to be very straightforward and simple. Each article is also organized by one or more clickable tags, making it easy for users to navigate to stories around a particular topic.

The overall website also does a great job of catering to more than one audience. Plaid offers content for consumers to better understand how Plaid works and keeps data secure, but it also offers custom content to developers, including API documentation and resource libraries.

3. Blueleaf

Not only does Blueleaf publish content regularly, but they publish helpful content. Articles are clustered around a specific problem that wealth management advisors face — providing in-depth insights about the problem itself and how advisors can solve the problem — as well as how Blueleaf can help. 

The Blueleaf blog also includes clear calls to action (CTAs) within each blog post. The CTAs are relevant to the post itself; so, articles that outline an industry problem include CTAs to the article that features the solution.

fintech content marketing CTAs

And every article includes links to other related articles at the bottom of the post. It’s a great way to direct readers to additional content that can be helpful.

fintech content marketing suggested articles

The best part? Some of the articles include real-life examples of how advisors used Blueleaf to solve the problem. It’s a well-rounded, purposeful fintech content marketing strategy that finds the right balance between thought leadership and talking about the product, complete with mini case studies to drive the point home. A+ for building trust and credibility while helping advisors solve their most pressing problems. 

4. Chime

Chime is a digital bank that aims to help people make smart financial decisions. And it has excelled in personalizing content to drive new account signups. Its marketing centers around some of its more unique features, like SpotMe overdraft fee protection and fast access to direct deposits. The blog is also set up to help people find content that is most relevant to their needs, with articles split into categories like “Smart Money”, “Wealth Habits”, and “Make Money.”

fintech content marketing categories

Chime started its marketing by testing body content centered around fee comparisons, automatic savings, and how to lead a healthy financial life. By using a predictive personalization system, the marketing team was able to see which headlines and messages were most effective with each audience segment. It was then able to improve messaging from there iteratively. This is a great example of sophisticated fintech content marketing in action. 

5. Varo

Varo is another challenger bank that has ~one million bank account customers and has seen extraordinary growth over the past several years. Its mission to help every person feel better about their money is intricately woven throughout the content on its site. And it puts its money where its mouth is by offering financial education courses to teach people the “fundamentals of earning money, spending money, saving money, and growing money.”

Varo fintech content marketing example

Varo offers a compelling blog hub called VaroWorth, which features content organized into highly relevant categories for its audience: Save, Bank, Borrow, Invest, and Live. The content itself offers helpful advice and guidance on a slew of financial topics. Topics include tips on everything from writing a check to understanding how to use debt ratio in investing. It is a robust blog that is well-organized and designed with the customer in mind. 

varo fintech content marketing

Varo is on the right track when it comes to fintech content marketing that engages an audience, provides helpful information and tools, and keeps it simple. 

6. Betterment

Betterment does a great job of customer-centric fintech content marketing. Its resource center offers “Investing 101” tips, advanced investing information, published research, tools, and calculators. It also embraces a customer-needs-first mentality by prominently featuring search at the top of its resource center.

betterment fintech content marketing examples

In addition to offering tools and advice, Betterment has podcasts where industry experts discuss different trending topics and provide insights. Want to learn about rebalancing or the benefits of an ETF portfolio? Or perhaps you want to understand the risk and return of value investing. Or maybe you need to decide whether a Traditional or Roth 401(k) is better for you. Betterment has it covered.

7. Funding Circle

Funding Circle provides a resource center full of helpful blog articles, PDF guides, and videos to help customers navigate the complex world of business loans. They offer transparent information about how business lending works, general business lessons, and a place to read user reviews and hear what people are saying, among other helpful articles.  

funding circle fintech content marketing examples

The great thing about this resource center? While the company clearly offers small business loans, their articles aren’t solely lending-focused. They provide helpful guidance to small business owners and entrepreneurs on important topics that run the gamut, including keeping employees happy, parenting advice for founders, and sponsoring local youth sports. That said, the site offers rich CTAs throughout, including links to apply now or to try out their loan calculator. It’s a case study in building trust and relationships with customers on a business — and personal — level.

8. Ally

Ally offers education through its community centered around financial well-being. Called “Do It Right”, the resource center offers educational content around topics like life, money, car, home, and trends. It allows users to customize their dashboard, checking only the topics they’re interested in so they can get streamlined insights on future visits.

fintech content marketing 4

In addition to this tailored resource center, Ally provides a CD ladder tool and a car payment calculator to help users better plan their finances. Finally, Ally offers a free financial education program called Wallet Wise that helps users build healthy personal finance habits. Wallet Wise hosts online courses as well as live events where people can learn in person and ask questions of the presenters.

Ally also centers content around the goals of its customers — and makes it easy to navigate to that content. Whether people want to save smarter, lower debt, or navigate increasing interest rates, Ally has content to help them do it.

ally fintech content marketing example

9. SoFi

SoFi is another great example of fintech content marketing; the site offers one of the most thorough resource centers we’ve come across. Their resource center is home to a wide range of how-to guides, including a first-time home buying guide and a student loan refinancing guide. The site also provides tools to help people make better financial decisions, including a student loan calculator, a personal loan calculator, an IRA calculator and a mortgage calculator.

fintech content marketing 6

On top of that, the resource center has compelling infographics that illustrate things like salary trajectory by degree, return on education MBA rankings, and how graduate degrees impact lifetime earnings.  

sofi fintech content marketing example

Fintech content marketing – when done well – can raise awareness, drive engagement, aid in consideration between solutions, and ultimately, drive new business. The key is finding out what your target customers need to know and providing it to them in an interesting, seamless way.

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