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Fintech Focus: Payments Trends 2019

In looking ahead to payments trends in 2019, a few things are clear: payments technology is advancing exponentially, payments infrastructure is shifting, and there is increased collaboration between incumbents and fintechs. Given these knowns, its likely that some payments trends will include product commoditization as well as the convergence of services. Payments companies then need[…]

thought leadership

Thought Leadership: The Differentiator for Payments Companies in 2019

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing different fintech marketing and content marketing strategies on this blog, but I want to deep dive into payments. We’ve worked with a number of payments companies for the past several years and one thing is clear: the market is crowded. From payment processors to P2P payment apps to[…]

custom content for payments

Why Custom Content is Essential for Payments Companies

  The Payments industry is complex, dynamic and evolving, with new companies and technologies emerging daily. One of the biggest struggles I hear from these companies is finding ways to break away from the herd.  The best answer I have is creating custom content for payments topics.  Differentiation is an industry-agnostic challenge, but one that[…]

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Why Content Marketing for Payments Is a Must

I recently published a post on LinkedIn that discussed the importance of content marketing for payments companies and outlined some content strategies and tactics for those looking to jump-start a content program. I’ve worked with a number of payments companies and consultants over the years and the number one complaint is that time and resources are[…]