Why Content Marketing for Payments Is a Must

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content marketing for paymentsI recently published a post on LinkedIn that discussed the importance of content marketing for payments companies and outlined some content strategies and tactics for those looking to jump-start a content program. I’ve worked with a number of payments companies and consultants over the years and the number one complaint is that time and resources are limited when it comes to content marketing in the industry.

I get it. Innovation in the payments space is fierce and it’s a race to the top that requires all hands on deck and constant, agile development to stay ahead of the pack. Between the impacts of EMV, the steep increase in CNP fraud, the evolution of mobile P2P payments and simply maintaining PCI compliance, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

Content marketing for payments is a must-have. While diverting time and resources away from the core business, product innovation and sales can be difficult, payments companies need to be able to market to their audience in an educational way. This is especially true as FinTech services become more complex; your audience needs to not only understand what you do, the problem you solve, and the benefits your provide, but also who you are as an organization. What qualifies you above the competition? What core business values make you better than the rest?

Thought leadership in the form of white papers, ebooks, blog posts or LinkedIn Pulse articles help you articulate those things to your core audience without being pushy. At the end of the day, it’s all about sales, BUT before the day begins, it’s all about making it easy for people to find you, providing helpful, educational content that demonstrates your expertise and involvement in the important industry trends and illustrating what makes you stand out from the herd in a nonintrusive way.

Content marketing for payments does that.

I’ve worked with payments companies that get it and have ramped up their content marketing efforts to generate demand. I’ve also worked with companies that would rather leave it all to sales and some minor marketing initiatives and trade shows. Guess which bunch comes out on top.

Happy to discuss what content marketing can do for your payments company. Jump over here and fill in your info to schedule a free consultation.

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