Roundup: July 2023’s Best Fintech & Marketing Stories

Summer vacations are upon us. If you’re in the office this week, we hope you enjoy our monthly roundup of all the top fintech news stories from July. We’ve pulled and summarized a few articles – covering fintech turbulence and fintech funding, among others – so you can peruse and skim at your leisure. Don’t forget to check out our top fintech marketing posts from the month below that. 

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For now, here’s a look at some of the most interesting fintech stories in July. 

Top Fintech News from Around the Web

Four Steps for Staying Ahead of Fintech Turbulence — This article outlines four key steps to stay ahead of fintech turbulence, including the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving fintech landscape. Get practical guidance for financial institutions, including the importance of embracing innovation, building strategic partnerships, fostering a culture of agility and adaptability, and leveraging data-driven insights. Taking proactive measures and staying attuned to market trends enables financial institutions to navigate the fintech turbulence successfully. The article also explores real-world examples and expert perspectives to illustrate the effectiveness of these steps.

Generative AI in fintech goes far beyond the ChatBot  Explore the vast potential of generative AI in fintech beyond the realm of chatbots. The post delves into the transformative applications of generative AI in various areas of the fintech industry. It discusses how generative AI can revolutionize risk modeling, fraud detection, portfolio optimization, and customer experience. By leveraging the power of machine learning algorithms and advanced data analysis, fintech organizations can unlock new insights, automate complex processes, and enhance decision-making. The article also emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations and the responsible use of generative AI in the financial sector. 

The fintech funding slump, by the numbers —  This article provides a data-driven analysis of the funding landscape, highlighting key statistics and trends that offer insight into the current state of fintech funding and the factors contributing to a funding slump. It explores the challenges faced by fintech companies in securing investments and delves into the potential reasons behind the funding slowdown. The article sheds light on the impact of regulatory changes, investor sentiment, and market conditions on fintech funding. What does the fintech funding slump look like and what are the implications for the fintech industry? 

The Banking Crisis Has Only Just Begun —  Gain valuable insights into the unfolding banking crisis and its implications for the fintech industry in this eye-opening article. The post highlights the challenges faced by traditional banks and the opportunities that arise for fintech companies amidst the crisis. It discusses the factors contributing to the banking industry’s decline, including legacy systems, lack of innovation, and changing customer expectations. Fintech executives are urged to capitalize on this crisis by leveraging their agility, technological advancements, and customer-centric approach to gain market share. The article also emphasizes the need for fintech companies to address key pain points, deliver innovative solutions, and establish strategic partnerships to navigate the evolving landscape successfully. 

Top Content Rewired Posts from July

What Does a Fintech Content Marketing Agency Do? —  Discover the essential role of a fintech content marketing agency in driving success for fintechs. This article explores the unique capabilities and value that agencies can bring to the table – from creating engaging content to optimizing SEO strategies and leveraging thought leadership. Fintech content marketing agencies specialize in crafting tailored content that captivates the target audience. The article highlights the agency’s ability to navigate the complex financial landscape, adhere to regulatory requirements, and drive qualified leads and conversions. Dive into the world of fintech content marketing agencies and uncover how their expertise can help fintech organizations stand out, engage prospects, and achieve their marketing goals. 

Do You Use Storytelling for Fintech Customer Acquisition? Uncover the untapped potential of storytelling in fintech customer acquisition. Delve into the world of fintech storytelling and explore how it can captivate and connect with your target audience on a deeper level. Discover the power of weaving narratives that evoke emotions, address pain points, and showcase the transformative impact of your fintech solutions. The article emphasizes the importance of storytelling in building trust, establishing brand authenticity, and driving customer acquisition in the competitive fintech landscape. Learn valuable strategies and techniques to effectively incorporate storytelling into your marketing efforts and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. 

What Do Digital Banking and Digital Marketing Have in Common? — Both banking and marketing have seen monumental shifts in digital behavior. To adjust, both need to create new approaches, strategies, and execution styles. Customer experience and engagement are paramount — but these must be fueled by data and analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences and to make informed decisions about how to engage with customers. It’s obvious that personalized, customer-centric experiences rule. This article explores how both digital marketing and banking dovetail — and how to adjust your strategies to meet the ever-evolving needs of your customers. 

Fintech Marketing Success: Balancing Authenticity With Data, Drive, and AI – Customer-centricity rules in fintech. As generative AI takes the scene by storm and more marketers rely on this tool to create, automate, and streamline, it’s imperative to not lose sight of this mission. This article looks at the role and importance of authenticity in your fintech marketing, especially to foster trust and credibility. It also delves into the fine balance between leveraging AI and relying on the human touch to reach your most important customers. 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned next month for more news and insights. 

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