Roundup: May 2023’s Best Fintech & Marketing Stories

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It seems we’ve finally left our 30-degree days behind here in Chicago (knocking on wood; we Chicagoans know how fickle the seasons can be). Hopefully, spring has sprung for you as well. This month, we’re hoping spring pops soon for the fintech sector, which has faced notoriously rough waters post-pandemic. We’re sharing two articles that seem to whisper that better weather is coming.  As usual, we also feature our own top articles from May, highlighting top content marketing strategies you can put to good use. 

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In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the most interesting stories around fintech and marketing and…fintech marketing from May. 

Top Fintech News from Around the Web

Higher interest rates are fostering a fintech comeback story — In what’s probably music to everyone’s ears, this TechCrunch article speaks to the current interest rate environment and how it might be tightly coupled with good news for the industry. Both Coinbase and Robinhood have reported better-than-expected revenue in Q1 — a positive note considering both went through the wringer after turbocharged growth during the pandemic withered away. Of course, there are numerous variables involved in the bigger story. This article explores these factors and examines the performance of these organizations to see what these results may signal. It’s a nice change of pace from the constant drumming of “fintech winter.”

Why fintech is ‘recession-proof’ in times of crisis, according to Milken Institute’s fintech director   Why not keep the good news rolling with this piece that highlights fintech’s recession-proof nature? Fintech will continue barrelling ahead, according to Milken Institute’s fintech director Nicole Valentine. While the Fed continues to battle inflation and some banks remain on shaky footing in the wake of SVB’s collapse, there will be casualties, of course. But Valentine points out that fintech is uniquely poised to stay afloat, even amidst choppy waters. Specifically, Valentine notes that generative AI poses an opportunity for fintech, recession or not. 

How Financial Institutions Can Confidently Swipe Right On Fintech Partnerships —  Fintechs and financial institutions (FIs) have much to offer each other, especially in this era of instant gratification. Speed and convenience are top-of-mind for consumers, and fintechs have the capabilities to help FIs add desired products and features quickly. This article looks at four important questions that FIs should consider when exploring partnerships with fintechs. Risk management and compliance, data sharing, and roadmaps are all key — but culture is, too. Ultimately, vetting partners and finding the right fit requires a close look at each organization’s ability to collaborate and work with mutual respect. Factor in remote work, and it’s more important than ever. 

Most Influential Women in Fintech —  We love celebrating women in fintech so we just had to include American Banker’s list of the top 20 women making a difference in the industry. No spoiler alerts here; you’ll have to dive in and read to view the list and see how each woman has contributed to fintech. The inaugural list covers entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry organizers, consultants, lawyers, and more. This type of recognition is critical in an industry that lags when it comes to the numbers in this area. Just 1.9% of all venture capital funds were raised by female-founded startups in 2022 — down from 2021. Just half of that when to female-led startups in fintech according to industry observers. There is much room to grow, but these women are paving the path to get there. 

Top Content Rewired Posts from May

And of course, here’s a curation of Content Rewired’s top posts from May:

The Top 5 Fintech Customer Acquisition Strategies for 2023 —  If you’re familiar with the line “every company will be a fintech company”, you understand the importance of customer acquisition. It’s a competitive landscape in which fintechs must acquire new customers to drive growth and success. This article looks at some content-based customer acquisition strategies that fintechs can weave into their overall strategy. These strategies can help companies differentiate and stand out in a cost-effective way.

How to Repurpose Fintech Conference Content for Your Brand Fintech conferences happen year-round, and it’s important to have a plan for integrating information and takeaways from these events into your own marketing strategy. This article explores how fintechs can leverage conference content to tell their own brand stories and help educate their audience. We look at various tactics for repurposing content for use in blogs, infographics, ebooks, videos, and more. This guidance is especially helpful for organizations operating on a tight budget. 

6 Steps to Outsource Content Marketing if You’re a Fintech — Whether you’re augmenting a lean marketing team or looking to completely outsource content marketing, finding the right partner can be daunting. This article examines important considerations when choosing a partner. It also outlines a roadmap you can use to navigate the process efficiently, ensuring that you find a partner that is the best fit for your organization’s needs. You’ll still have to do your homework, but it’s a good starting point for fintechs that want to partner with freelancers or an agency to streamline content marketing operations. 

Looking for more in-depth fintech marketing tools and content? Check out one of our helpful guides: 

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