Finding the Best Fintech Marketing Agency: A Rundown

Finding the best fintech marketing agency isn’t just a box to check—it’s a critical strategic decision. Whether you’re a startup looking to disrupt the market or an established player aiming to stay ahead, your choice of a marketing partner can make all the difference. 

This guide is designed to steer CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and Directors of Marketing through the maze of options to the best fintech marketing agency that aligns with your vision, goals, and culture.

Do You Need to Work With the Best Fintech Marketing Agency?

Before you dive into the deep end of the agency pool, take a step back. Ask yourself what you really need. Not all marketing challenges require the firepower of a specialized fintech agency. Sometimes, a skilled freelancer or a smaller boutique firm (like a content agency for financial services) can deliver the targeted support you need, such as social media prowess or graphic design flair, without breaking the bank. 

But if your ambitions span the full spectrum of marketing disciplines, and you’re looking for someone who speaks fluent fintech, then yes, you’re in the market for the best fintech marketing agency out there.

So, what exactly does that mean?

Attributes of the Best Fintech Marketing Agency

Finding the best fintech marketing agency is a multifaceted process that requires careful consideration of various factors, from past results and expertise to services offered and pricing. The right agency will be a partner that not only understands the unique challenges of the fintech sector but is also committed to your success, offering innovative solutions, strategic insights, and outstanding execution. 

By prioritizing these data points in your search, you can identify an agency that aligns with your business objectives, culture, and values, setting the stage for a successful, long-term partnership that drives growth and enhances your brand’s presence in the competitive fintech landscape. Here are a few things to consider. 

The Best Fintech Marketing Agency Has Depth

Ability to Lay Out a Strong Strategy

The cornerstone of any successful marketing effort is a robust strategy. The best fintech marketing agency doesn’t just execute well—they think, plan, and strategize effectively. They’re not order-takers; they’re thought partners, diving deep into your business to craft a strategy that aligns with your objectives, market position, and growth ambitions.

They don’t just take orders; they’re your strategic partners, helping to navigate the complex fintech landscape with a clear, well-thought-out marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. 

This involves a deep dive into your market position, competitive advantages, and unique value propositions to craft a tailored strategy that resonates with your target audience and differentiates your brand in a crowded marketplace.

A strong strategy also means a dynamic approach, one that’s flexible enough to adapt to market changes, technological advancements, and shifts in consumer behavior. The best agency proactively revises and refines its strategy based on performance data, industry trends, and feedback, ensuring your marketing efforts remain effective and aligned with your evolving business objectives. And to be clear, a strategy is not just planning:

This strategic agility maximizes your ROI and ensures your marketing efforts are not just reactive but proactive and forward-thinking.

Holistic Approach

Today’s marketing landscape demands a 360-degree approach. Look for an agency that integrates content, SEO, paid media, automation, web, social, branding, PR, CRO, and reporting into a cohesive strategy. If you’re in the market for holistic marketing services, finding the right partner can synchronize your efforts and maximize your investment’s impact.

A holistic approach also involves a deep understanding of the customer journey, leveraging insights from each marketing discipline to create a seamless and engaging experience for your audience. 

The best fintech marketing agency should have consistent messaging and brand experience from the first point of contact through to conversion and beyond, fostering trust and loyalty among your target audience. 

The Best Fintech Marketing Agency Has Deep Hooks in the Industry

Anyone can claim to understand fintech, but only a few have the track record to prove it. This goes beyond superficial knowledge of industry trends and buzzwords. It’s about having established relationships with key players, influencers, and thought leaders within the fintech ecosystem. 

Such agencies have a proven track record of navigating the complexities of the fintech market, leveraging their industry insights and connections to elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility.

Being embedded in the industry also means that the agency is up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes, technological advancements, and market shifts. They bring a nuanced understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities within your sector of fintech, enabling them to craft strategies that are not just innovative but also compliant and aligned with industry norms. 

This insider knowledge can be a significant competitive advantage, helping you to navigate market complexities more effectively and to position your brand as a leader in your niche.

Ability to Understand Your Unique Identity and Audience

A top-notch fintech marketing agency does more than scratch the surface. They dive deep, asking the right questions to genuinely understand your brand’s unique identity and audience. This depth of understanding is crucial for crafting messages and strategies that resonate.

The best fintech marketing agencies distinguish themselves by their curiosity and commitment to understanding the intricacies of your business and the specific needs of your audience. They engage in deep-dive discovery processes, asking insightful questions that get to the heart of what makes your brand unique and your audience tick. This understanding is critical for crafting messages and strategies that resonate on a deeper level, driving engagement and loyalty.

The right agency applies this deep understanding to create customized marketing strategies that reflect your brand’s voice, values, and objectives. They recognize that in the crowded fintech space, differentiation is key to capturing attention and building trust. And they go beyond what you say your audience is to do some validating of their own. They offer an outside perspective on who it is you help, which is a critical question to ask per Seth Godin:

Through a comprehensive understanding of your unique identity and audience, the agency can devise innovative, targeted campaigns that stand out, speak directly to your audience’s needs and aspirations, and effectively communicate your brand’s value proposition.

The Best Fintech Marketing Agency Communicates


An agency’s willingness to make time for you is a testament to their commitment to your partnership. The best agencies ensure you’re a priority, offering direct access to senior staff and decision-makers, not just junior team members.

In other words, you should have access to a dedicated team that’s accessible when you need them, whether for regular strategy meetings, urgent requests, or to discuss new ideas. Their commitment to making time for you is a clear indication of their dedication to your account and their recognition of the importance of your projects.

Availability also means transparency about who is working on your account and ensuring you have direct access to the team. This direct line to the experts working on your projects fosters a stronger, more collaborative relationship, enabling quicker decision-making and more effective communication. It reassures you that your marketing efforts are in capable hands and that the agency is fully invested in your success.

Strong and Frequent Communication

Clear, consistent communication is the lifeblood of a successful agency-client relationship. The best agencies are those that keep you in the loop, provide regular updates, and are always just a call or email away. They don’t just report on what’s been done; they engage in ongoing conversations about your business, adapting strategies as needed.

This means regular updates on campaign progress, immediate notification of any issues or changes, and open lines of communication for feedback and discussion. Such an approach ensures that you are always in the loop and that your input is valued and considered in the marketing process.

Strong communication fosters a collaborative partnership, where ideas can be freely exchanged and strategies refined in real time. This collaborative environment not only enhances the quality of the marketing output but also ensures that the agency’s efforts are closely aligned with your vision and objectives. 

The best fintech marketing agency acts as an extension of your team, with a deep commitment to your success and a shared enthusiasm for achieving your goals.

Eager to Help

The right agency doesn’t see you as just another client on a list. They’re genuinely invested in your success, eager to understand your business and audience, and quick to respond to your needs. This eagerness often translates into proactive support, insightful advice, and a partnership that feels as though they’re an extension of your team.

The best fintech marketing agency is characterized by a genuine eagerness to help your business succeed. This eagerness is evident in their proactive approach to problem-solving, their responsiveness to your needs, and their willingness to go above and beyond to deliver results. 

An agency should view its relationship with you as a partnership, where your success is their success. They invest time in understanding your business, your goals, and your challenges, offering tailored advice and solutions that drive your business forward.

This eagerness to help also manifests in the agency’s commitment to understanding your brand and audience deeply. They’re not just interested in what you do but why you do it, the values that drive your brand, and the people you aim to serve. 

This depth of understanding enables them to create more resonant and effective marketing campaigns, build stronger connections with your audience, and ultimately, help you achieve your business objectives more efficiently.

The Best Fintech Marketing Agency Is Disciplined Yet Agile

Flexibility and Timeliness

The best agency is one that can pivot quickly, adapting to your evolving needs while maintaining a high level of service. They’re responsive, meet deadlines, and handle the inevitable bumps in the road with grace and efficiency.

A good agency will demonstrate flexibility in its approach, embracing changes and new ideas, and integrating them seamlessly into your marketing strategy. It understands the importance of being agile, allowing it to capitalize on emerging trends, technologies, and opportunities that can enhance your marketing efforts.

Timeliness goes hand in hand with flexibility. The best agencies not only adapt quickly but also execute promptly, ensuring that your marketing campaigns are launched efficiently and effectively. They understand that in the fast-paced fintech sector, timing can be everything. 

Whether it’s launching a new product, entering a new market, or responding to a competitive threat, the right agency ensures that your marketing initiatives are delivered on time and with the highest quality, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Strong Project Management Skills

Execution excellence depends on superior project management. The right agency brings not just creative flair but also the organizational skills to manage complex, multifaceted marketing campaigns smoothly and effectively.

The best fintech marketing agency excels not only in creative ideation and strategic thinking but also in the meticulous organization and management of projects. Effective project management involves clear timelines, regular milestones, and constant monitoring to ensure progress is on track. It also requires the ability to anticipate potential roadblocks and implement solutions proactively, minimizing disruptions to your marketing activities.

Strong project management also reflects an agency’s commitment to transparency and accountability. They provide regular, detailed updates on project status, accomplishments, and next steps, ensuring you’re always informed and in control. 

This level of organization and diligence is crucial in maintaining the momentum of marketing campaigns and achieving the desired outcomes. It’s about ensuring that every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly, from the initial strategy to the final execution, resulting in marketing efforts that are not just creative but also disciplined and results-oriented.

Track Record of Addressing Problems Quickly

Problems will arise. The measure of a great agency is not that they never face challenges but how they respond when they do. Look for an agency that is transparent, solutions-oriented, and quick to rectify issues.

An agency’s experience and expertise should equip team members to anticipate common pitfalls and devise contingency plans, ensuring that when issues arise, they can be addressed without significant impact on campaign outcomes or timelines.

This proactive approach to problem management not only mitigates risks but also turns potential obstacles into opportunities for optimization and learning. This resilience and problem-solving capacity are critical attributes that ensure the continuity and success of your marketing initiatives, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Proactive and Supportive

The best fintech marketing agency doesn’t wait to be asked; they anticipate your needs and are always thinking a few steps ahead. They’re not just reactive; they’re proactive, offering ideas and solutions that align with your broader business goals.

A standout fintech marketing agency brings ideas and opportunities to you, demonstrating a deep commitment to your success. Their support extends beyond individual campaigns to encompass your broader business goals, offering insights and strategies that contribute to your long-term success.

This proactive and supportive approach is rooted in a deep understanding of your business and the fintech industry at large. It’s about being one step ahead, identifying trends and shifts in the market that could impact your business, and adjusting strategies accordingly. 

The best agency is not just a service provider but a trusted advisor and partner, deeply invested in your success and dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives.

The Price is Right

Finally, evaluate the agency’s offerings against their price. The best agency offers a compelling mix of services, expertise, and results that justify their fees. It’s about finding the right balance between what you pay and the value you receive, a balance that becomes clear as the partnership evolves.

The right agency articulates a clear value proposition, demonstrating how their services will contribute to your business goals, such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or driving conversions. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, expertise, and strategic insights that, when combined, provide a competitive edge and accelerate your growth.

Evaluating price-to-value involves looking at the agency’s past results, client testimonials, and case studies to understand the outcomes they’ve achieved for other clients. It also means assessing the quality of their work, the breadth of their services, and their strategic approach to ensure they align with your needs and expectations. 

Look for an agency that offers a balanced and fair pricing structure that reflects the quality and scope of their services, ensuring that your marketing investment drives maximum impact and contributes to your business’s success.

How to Research the Best Fintech Marketing Agency

Now that you know what to look for, here’s what you need to dig into to find out if an agency is the right match for your needs: 

1. Past Work & Results

Case studies, referrals, and testimonials provide a window into an agency’s capabilities and results. Look for evidence of their ability to deliver tangible outcomes for clients, ideally within your sector of the fintech industry.

This is not just about the number of projects completed but, more importantly, about the success stories and the tangible outcomes achieved. 

A reputable agency will proudly showcase its portfolio, highlighting case studies that detail its strategies, execution, and results. These case studies serve as a testament to their ability to deliver measurable success, whether it’s in terms of lead generation, conversion rates, brand awareness, or revenue growth.

Looking beyond the surface to understand the context of these results is also crucial. Consider the challenges faced and how the agency overcame them, the objectives set at the beginning of the campaign, and how success was measured. This insight will give you a clearer picture of the agency’s strategic thinking, problem-solving capabilities, and commitment to achieving their clients’ goals. 

Testimonials and references from past clients can also provide invaluable feedback on the agency’s working style, reliability, and the value they bring to the table. Engaging with these references directly can offer a candid look at what it’s like to work with the agency and whether they consistently live up to their promises.

2. Expertise & Certifications

Experience in fintech is a must, but it’s also about the depth and relevance of that experience. Certifications and a proven track record in areas critical to your marketing strategy are indicators of an agency’s capability to deliver.

An agency that has dedicated years to honing its skills in the fintech sector will possess a nuanced understanding of the industry’s unique challenges and opportunities. This expertise is invaluable in devising strategies that are not only innovative but also compliant with the stringent regulations that govern the financial sector.

Certifications from reputed organizations or platforms (such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.) further validate an agency’s technical skills and knowledge in essential marketing tools and technologies. 

These certifications are a testament to the agency’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and staying abreast of the latest marketing trends and best practices. 

Additionally, the agency’s thought leadership, demonstrated through published articles, speaking engagements at industry events, or contributions to fintech forums, can provide insights into their level of expertise and reputation in the field.

3. Specialization

While a generalist agency can be competent, a specialist fintech marketing agency brings a depth of understanding and experience that can be invaluable, particularly in a complex and rapidly evolving industry.

A fintech marketing agency that specializes in your specific niche within the financial sector brings a level of insight and expertise that generalist agencies simply cannot match. This specialization is crucial for navigating the complexities of the fintech industry, understanding the regulatory landscape, and crafting messages that resonate with a sophisticated audience.

A specialized agency will have a proven track record of solving problems similar to yours, enabling them to hit the ground running. They are more likely to have pre-established relationships with key media outlets, influencers, and platforms within the fintech space, providing you with an immediate advantage in terms of visibility and credibility. 

And their focused experience means they’re better equipped to identify and leverage industry-specific trends, technologies, and consumer behaviors to benefit your brand. When evaluating agencies, look for signs of specialization in their portfolio, the language they use, and their understanding of your business’s specific challenges and opportunities.

4. Services

Ensure the agency offers—and excels at—the specific services you need. “Full-service” is not always synonymous with “expertise in all services.”

It’s true that a comprehensive agency will offer a full suite of services, from strategic planning and brand development to digital marketing, content creation, SEO, and analytics. This breadth of services allows for a more integrated and cohesive marketing strategy, ensuring all elements work synergistically to achieve your goals.

But, it’s not just about the number of services offered but the depth of expertise in each area. The best agency for your fintech will excel in the services that matter most to your business, whether it’s lead generation, content marketing, or digital advertising. 

The agency should be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of how to leverage these services effectively within the fintech sector, showcasing examples of innovative campaigns that have driven real results. Additionally, their approach to service delivery should be flexible and tailored to your needs, whether you require a full-service partnership or support in specific areas.

5. Price

Consider what you need, what you can afford, and how to best allocate your budget to achieve your objectives. This might mean partnering with a primary agency for most needs and supplementing with specialized freelancers or smaller agencies for niche requirements.

The most cost-effective agency is not necessarily the one with the lowest bid but the one that offers the best return on your investment. This means evaluating the agency’s pricing structure in the context of their strategic insights, creative capabilities, and the tangible results they’ve achieved for clients in the fintech sector.

Transparent pricing is also crucial. The right agency will be upfront about costs, avoiding hidden fees and providing clear explanations for their pricing model. They should be willing to work with you to tailor their services to fit your budget, identifying the most impactful strategies and tactics that can achieve your objectives without compromising quality or effectiveness. 

Ultimately, the decision should be based on a comprehensive analysis of the agency’s potential to drive growth and success for your fintech, ensuring that your marketing investment is both strategic and sustainable.

6. Bad Vibes

Pay attention to negative signals, whether from reviews, word of mouth, or your gut feeling. Investigate these red flags by asking the agency directly, giving them a chance to explain and providing insights into their problem-solving and client service approach.

This could be anything from a lack of transparency about their processes and pricing to a failure to understand your business’s unique challenges. Consistency in negative feedback from past clients or employees, observed through reviews or word of mouth, can also be a red flag.

Address these concerns directly with the agency to see how they respond. A reputable agency will be open to discussing any issues and providing reasonable explanations or solutions. The way they handle such inquiries can tell you a lot about their integrity, customer service, and problem-solving abilities. 

Trust your gut: if something feels off, it’s worth taking a closer step to ensure you’re choosing a partner that aligns with your values and expectations.

7. Innovation

A top fintech marketing agency doesn’t just follow trends; they set them. Look for evidence of creative, innovative problem-solving that has driven success for their clients.

The best fintech marketing agency not only keeps up with the latest trends and technologies but also pushes boundaries, experimenting with new strategies and tools to achieve better results. Their commitment to innovation should be evident in their past work, demonstrating a willingness to take calculated risks and a track record of creative problem-solving.

An innovative agency brings fresh ideas and perspectives that can differentiate your brand in a crowded market. They use data-driven insights to inform their strategies, ensuring that creativity is always aligned with your business objectives and market realities. In the current era, they should be adept at leveraging AI, as Seth Godin explains below:

Look for examples of how the agency has used innovative approaches to overcome challenges, reach new audiences, or drive growth for their clients. This forward-thinking mindset is crucial for fintech companies looking to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape and achieve long-term success.

8. Team Size

Consider whether the agency’s size aligns with your needs. Can they scale with you? Do they offer the level of attention and responsiveness you require?

The size of the agency’s team can impact the level of attention and resources dedicated to your account. While larger agencies may offer a wide range of services and resources, they may also have a larger client base, which could dilute the focus on your projects. On the other hand, smaller agencies often provide more personalized attention and flexibility but may lack the breadth of services or scalability of larger firms.

Consider what team size is best suited to your needs and preferences. Do you value a close, collaborative relationship with your agency, or are you looking for comprehensive services that a larger team might better provide? 

Don’t forget to assess the agency’s ability to scale its services in response to your growing needs. The right agency should not only have the capacity to handle your current marketing requirements but also the scalability to support your future growth.

Feel Confident About Finding the Best Fintech Marketing Agency

Choosing the best fintech marketing agency is no small feat. It requires a deep dive into your own needs, a thorough vetting of potential partners, and a clear-eyed assessment of what each agency can bring to the table. The right agency is more than a service provider; they’re a partner in your growth, aligned with your goals, and committed to your success. In this dynamic, complex sector, finding the right marketing ally can empower you to not just navigate the fintech landscape but to reshape it.

Already Working With the Best Fintech Marketing Agency But Want More Tools?

Firstly, congrats on snagging the best fintech marketing agency! Secondly, check out one of our helpful guides to round out your fintech marketing program: 

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