How to Outsource Fintech Content Creation

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You did it. You created an unstoppable content marketing strategy, secured budget, and received the “green light” to launch your content marketing program. Here’s the catch: executing the strategy is going to require resources you just don’t have. Do you outsource fintech content creation?

We’ll give you the bad news first: the success of your fintech content marketing strategy hinges on the quality of your writers. Now, before you dive into research about the best AI writing tools, remember this: your very sophisticated audience will only resonate with carefully-crafted stories. And as advanced as AI writing tools have become, they are no match for an experienced writer who understands the human side of what you’re selling and can transform data into a compelling story. 

The good news? You can outsource fintech content creation to humans and likely see tremendous results. But it’s going to take some work on your part. Skilled fintech writers are in high demand, which can make it tricky to find the best writers available. We’ve put together some tips to help you find what you need. 

Defining Your Fintech Content Creation

Before you start plastering job postings all over every freelance site and job board, you have to be sure you understand what you need. Start by taking an inventory of your content needs based on your current content strategy. Don’t forget to consider how a freelancer would fit into your business model and company culture. 

Document your fintech content creation needs and include the following:

Types of content – what will the content creator produce? Which formats should they be proficient in and what systems might they need to know how to navigate to do their job successfully? Consider how depth of research and interviews could factor in. 

Content-adjacent tasks – Besides creating content, are there other related tasks this person will need to do? This could include sharing on social media, creating complementary infographics, sourcing images, and optimizing for search engines. 

Volume and frequency of content – How often do you need to publish and how much content will you be producing? This will inform the required bandwidth of your new resource. 

Fintech content creation process – Do you have documented brand tone & voice style guides? How will additional resources factor into your current governance process and workflows?

Measuring success – How will fintech content creators be held accountable? How will performance and success be measured? Do you have clearly-defined goals?

Business relationship – How does a new fintech content creator fit into your business model? Will they be freelance? Full-time? Should you hire an agency? Will freelancers work on one-off projects or be on a retainer?

Budget – What can you afford to spend on additional fintech content creation resources? How does that factor into a) how many additional resources you can bring on, b) the going market rate for skilled writers, and c) whether you hire freelancers, FTEs, or an agency?

Documenting these needs before starting your search can streamline the entire process while ensuring alignment against your fintech content marketing goals. 

Finding Fintech Content Writers

Once you have your needs clearly defined, you can initiate your search for fintech writing talent. There is a myriad of ways to do this, so consider some of the following.

Get Recommendations

Your personal network is valuable. Post on your social accounts and reach out to colleagues to solicit recommendations and suggestions from people you know. In many cases, this can go a long way in connecting you to vetted fintech writing professionals. On the other hand, not every writer – even the good ones – is going to be a good fit. 

Hire a Staffing and Recruiting Firm

There are plenty of creating staffing agencies (think Creative Circle and Contently) that can help you connect with skilled content writers. Word of caution: many writers available through staffing and recruiting firms may not have the fintech specialization you need. It’s the biggest snag our clients tell us they face when searching for talent. 

The upside to going this route is that most of these writers are already vetted and some platforms can even help you manage writers. The downside is that this option will be more expensive and chances are slim that you’ll find writers with the industry experience you need. 

DIY With Job Boards

If you’re seasoned at finding talent, you may want to go the DIY route with simple job postings across job boards, social media, and writer associations. There are plenty of places to post and you can be very specific in your descriptions. The downside is that you will need to vet talent yourself, which can be time-consuming.

Vetting Fintech Writers

No matter where you find fintech content creators, you’ll want to vet your talent. How you found your writing candidates will dictate how in-depth your vetting process will need to be. Hiring for fintech content creation can be tricky because it requires solid writing chops as well as experience and expertise in writing about fintech subject matter, which can be complex.   

When vetting potential fintech writing candidates, consider the following: 

Fintech experience – Do they have experience writing within the fintech industry? Is their experience primarily B2B or B2C? Do they have relevant, published samples or clips available? Have they executed successful fintech content marketing campaigns in the past? While some writers (very few) may be able to research and learn as they go, fintech is a complex industry that may require experienced writers who understand industry jargon, trends, issues, and players.

Writing background – do they have relevant skills for the type of content you require? Ad writing is very different from content creation which is different from email writing. Do your candidates have experience as journalists? Ad copywriters? Content writers? Again, do they have a portfolio they can share to back up their experience? Do they have testimonials?

Tech skills – Depending on your precise fintech content creation needs, you may need someone who can not only write but upload and publish content via a CMS. Your team may use special tools and platforms as part of content creation, so be sure candidates have experience or the skill set needed to navigate those things. 

Bandwidth – How available are they? Can one writer handle all of your fintech content creation needs or will one candidate’s limited availability mean you need to hire additional resources? How responsive are they? How quickly can they turn around content? Are they remote-only? Are they in the same time zone?

Is a Fintech Content Marketing Agency Right for You?

Hiring talent for fintech content creation is no easy feat. Because of the specialized nature of your content, sometimes the best route is to hire an agency. Why? An agency has already done the heavy lifting around finding the right talent and vetting that talent. 

What’s more, agencies often offer additional content marketing services that may be helpful depending on your needs. They have the experience and expertise in creating content, distributing content, and tweaking content marketing strategies to ensure optimal results. 

Most agencies offer service level agreements, so you know you’ll get what you need, when you need it, how you need it. You can rest assured that content quality will meet your standards and that you have an easily-accessible, always-on, scalable pool of resources to tap into when your fintech content marketing program expands and changes. 

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