January 2023 Fintech Roundup: What’s Hot in Fintech & Marketing

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Happy New Year! We made it to 2023 and plenty is happening in the fintech space, which we cover in our January 2023 fintech roundup. VC winter continues, fraud is hammering financial institutions, and banks are increasingly looking to partner with fintechs to innovate for customers. We also feature our own articles from the month to give you helpful advice and tips on putting your best marketing foot forward if you operate in the fintech space. 

As always, if you’re looking to elevate to the next level of content marketing at your organization and produce more consistent, interesting content in 2023, reach out for a free consultation. We’d love to talk through your thoughts and offer some of ours to ensure you get started on the right foot. 

In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the most interesting stories around fintech and marketing and…fintech marketing from January. 

January 2023 Fintech Roundup News from Around the Web

Banks ‘feel pressured’ to collaborate more with fintechs — According to new research, more than three-quarters of banking leaders say they feel “pressured” to collaborate more with fintechs amid consumer demand. Transformation weighs heavily on the minds of these banks, with a third (34%) saying that accelerating the digital shift is a critical priority. However, almost half (49%) say they may lack the operating model to transform effectively. Sopra, which partnered with Forrester to release the report, notes that this reality is creating distance between institutions and their tech-savvy customers. 

More than two-thirds of financial institutions lost over $500K to fraud in 2022, Alloy report finds  Identity Decisioning Platform, Alloy, released a report that found 7 out of 10 (70%) respondents reported losing $500k to fraud last year. What’s more, 27% reported losing over $1M to fraud over the past year. Fintechs and regional banks were among those most likely to report higher losses. According to Alloy CEO Tommy Nicholas, fraud is higher than ever thanks to rapid digitization along with an influx of cash from pandemic relief scams. Protecting assets from fraud while balancing the customer experience has become more important than ever. 

How can fintech startups outlast the VC winter?—  Venture funding dropped by $90 billion (53%) in the third quarter of 2022 compared ot the year prior and decreased by $40 billion (33%) compared to the second quarter, according to Crunchbase data. That means Q3 2022 was the slowest quarter for VC funding since the start of the pandemic. While investors may have cold feet for funding, some are more apt to work with those that have concrete customer traction. This TechCrunch article looks at the various ways fintech startups can do that in order to outlast the VC winter. 

Top banking trends to watch out for in 2023 —  Banks are under increasing pressure to digitize and deliver innovative financial services and products. This is especially true in the current inflationary environment where customers are looking for ways to cope. This could lead to an increasing number of banks ditching legacy solutions and embracing more sophisticated tools. As a result, B2B third-party collaborations will likely gain traction this year as banks aim to accelerate digital transformation. Many seem to be leaning towards “buy” in the “buy vs. build” debate and regulatory changes over the past several years have enabled more bank-fintech partnerships. 

Top Content Rewired Posts from January

And of course, here’s a curation of Content Rewired’s top posts from January:

Four Ways to Improve B2B Fintech Content Marketing In 2023 — In case you missed this piece wherein we recommended having an identity crisis to boost your fintech content marketing, you can catch up now. Joking aside, this piece covers four key ways to be better in 2023, including reevaluating your brand’s identity. The piece also explores the fine balance between SEO and high-quality content that resonates with your audience and impactful promotional strategies. The latter is especially important to get your content in front of the right audience at the right time. 

How to Streamline B2B Content Production in 2023 —  Creating high-quality B2B content is neither cheap nor easy. That said, there are ways to streamline content production without taking quality-sacrificing shortcuts that can undermine your efforts. This article covers tips to maximize output from strategy to execution. Whether you’re a one-man marketing show or have an in-house team, these are widely applicable. Learn how to create an effective, repeatable content marketing process that keeps you churning out high-quality thought leadership in the new year. 

Level Up Your SEO for Fintech Content Balancing the needs of your audience with the needs of search engines can be an art form. Those in the fintech space may find it difficult to compete for online real estate without an airtight SEO strategy, but SEO can be complex. This article provides both the basics to achieve SEO success along with more advanced tactics to help you rise in rankings and get in front of your target audience. It also includes several SEO tools you can use to level up your game and get an edge over the competition. 

P.S. In case you missed it….

Last year, we launched our new Fintech Content Marketing Playbook. You can download this free guide to access -in-depth info on how to build audience personas, create a strategic content calendar, measure for success, differentiate your fintech message, and optimize for better results. We’ve already received great feedback and we’re open to any comments you’d like to share. 

Looking for more in-depth fintech marketing tools and content? Check out one of our helpful guides: 

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