December 2023 Fintech Marketing Roundup

Welcome to our December 2023 Fintech Marketing Roundup and congrats on making it through another trip around the sun. The holidays are in full swing and 2024 is just around the corner. This month’s roundup features our own home-grown December blogs along with some of the top fintech news from around the web. Get your daily dose of fintech on topics like A2A vs. card payments, API security risks, bank-fintech partnerships, and more. Enjoy the content at your leisure and don’t forget to check out Content Rewired’s latest posts on content for fintech revenue retention, AI to enhance fintech marketing comms, and some 2024 predictions for fintech marketing. It’s all neatly packaged for you below. Wishing you happy holidays and a Happy New Year!

In Case You Missed It

As you peruse the December 2023 Fintech Marketing Roundup, don’t forget to download our Fintech Demand Generation Playbook! It’s our newest, freest (is that a thing?), can’t-miss resource. Don’t forget – you can also still download the Fintech Content Marketing Playbook to get deep insights on building audience personas, creating a strategic content calendar, measuring for success, differentiating your fintech message, and optimizing the entire system for better results. As always, we’re open to feedback and suggestions! Let us know what you’d like to see next. 

In case you missed last month’s roundup, here are the top fintech marketing posts from November: 

How to Connect Content to B2B Fintech Revenue Growth —   This article discusses how B2B fintech companies can effectively connect their content marketing efforts to revenue growth. All work and no measurement makes content a null ploy, so we also discuss how to measure and analyze marketing success, with an emphasis on data-driven decision-making. 

How to Win at Website Content Optimization Get in-depth insights into winning strategies for optimizing website content effectively. Your website must be not only visually appealing but also strategically structured to engage and convert visitors – and we have just the tools you need to get there. 

Storytelling for B2B Fintech Sales Enablement —  This article delves into the power of storytelling as a potent tool for B2B fintech sales enablement. It highlights how compelling narratives can captivate clients and prospects, making complex fintech solutions more relatable and understandable.

We’re moving into 2024, which is sure to be a mover and a shaker in fintech. AI is upending the status quo and changing content marketing operations. If you want to hit the next level of content marketing at your organization and produce more consistent, interesting content next year, reach out for a free consultation. We’d love to talk through your thoughts and offer some of ours to ensure you get started on the right foot. 

In the meantime, here are some of the most interesting stories around fintech and marketing and…fintech marketing from December. 

December 2023 Fintech Marketing Roundup | Around the Web

Without further ado, enjoy these December 2023 Fintech Marketing Roundup posts from around the web:

United We Thrive: The Untapped Power of Bank-Fintech Partnerships This Bain & Company article discusses the increasing importance of partnerships between banks and fintech to enhance digital product design, market speed, and security. While bank-fintech partnerships have been a topic of discussion for a while, many still fail to realize the full value of true partnerships. Strategic partnerships should transcend a simple aim to provide solutions to technological issues. To do this, the business needs and performance metrics should be clearly defined — and decision-making processes should be transparent. People and processes should come first and technology second. Banks that want to stay on the bleeding edge of innovation — and fintechs that rely on revenue and investments to grow and access new markets — need to come together to form collaborative, trusting relationships rather than transactional ones. 

APIs: The silent fintech security concernThis article summarizes some of the findings of a quarterly report published by security platform Wallarm, highlighting a critical concern for fintechs: APIs. Injections — where someone sends dangerous API commands through a user input field — are the top issue, followed by authentication flaws and cross-site issues. API leaks — a recently discovered issue — make up more than 1 in 10 incidents, hitting the likes of Netflix, enterprise software firms, and open-source software providers. Worse yet, aging infrastructure aggravates the problem. Older bank APIs make it more difficult to find who defined a key. 

Issuers and Merchants Collaborate to Thwart Fraudsters and Accept ‘Good’ Transactions – The intensity of fraud attacks on every part of the payments ecosystem is ramping up, according to Jeff Gipson, Director of Payment Product Management at Discover Global Network. Social engineering fraud is especially dangerous as fraudsters become more sophisticated and leverage AI to perpetrate attacks at scale. As a result, banks and enterprises must also find ways to use AI to thwart bad actors. Collaboration between merchants and issuers and the exchange of information can help build a more robust defense system. 

Are We Approaching a World Without Cards? – Francesco Simoneschi discusses the drawbacks of cards — the cost, the clunkiness, the outdated experience — and waxes poetic about the possibility that account-to-account (A2A) payments powered by open banking rails may gain enough traction to overtake the incumbent digital payment method of choice. A2A offers a native mobile experience where payments are made directly from the bank to the merchant and vice versa. A great CX for the user will be necessary to facilitate more momentum behind A2A. While a world without cards may not be…in the cards, a world with more choice should be.

December 2023 Fintech Marketing Roundup | Content Rewired Posts

Check out the December 2023 Fintech Marketing Roundup from Content Rewired’s blog:

How to Use Content Marketing for Fintech Revenue RetentionContent is an important piece in the customer journey, particularly for retaining fintech customers. Leveraging diverse content like webinars, newsletters, and infographics is a great (cost-effective) way to support revenue retention. It offers a flexible way to cater to different customer preferences and stages in the customer journey, enhancing personalization and engagement. Using content strategically to nurture customer relationships and sustain fintech growth can also build trust and loyalty. 

5 Ways to Leverage AI for Fintech Marketing CommunicationsThis article explores how AI can revolutionize fintech marketing. It covers five key methods: 1) Laser-Focused Content Curation using AI for precise topic identification and engagement, 2) AI Video Production for streamlined visual storytelling, 3) Enhanced Email Campaigns through AI-driven content and timing optimization, 4) AI-driven Chatbots for personalized customer interactions, and 5) AI-aided Content Creation for generating articles and social media posts. Yes, AI can make marketing better. No, we are not at a point where great marketing can exist without the essential human touch. 

2024 Fintech Content Marketing PredictionsThis article highlights our big six predictions for fintech content marketing in 2024, including AI’s impact on scaling content, conducting deep dive data analysis, dynamic marketing campaigns, creating fresh experiences, fostering interaction and engagement, and nurturing trust. In many ways, 2024 is not terribly different from 2023 (yet): The key to success has always been to embrace the changes, harness new tools, and trust the process. Content marketing takes time, and some results come faster than others. Where 2024 *will* be different is the rate at which the change accelerates and fintech marketers must adapt. Those that stay on the path and remain at the forefront of innovation will be best positioned to deliver the experiences and insights that audiences want and build trust. The future beckons with promise, and for fintech, the pen (or perhaps the keyboard) is mightier than ever.

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